Private schools have called on Faith in Marketing to increase enrollment, bring awareness to quality education, and build community through improved communications.

From websites and promotional magazines to custom tents and promotional videos, we’ll ensure your communications are cohesive, consistent and professional.

Plus, through our partnership with Catholic Uniforms, we also provide uniform items that earn a 10% rebate for your school. That equates to entirely free marketing services that don’t cost the school one dime.

Call Faith in Marketing at (858) 877-3733.

Client Feedback

“Thom, I am blown away by the quality of the production.  This is exactly what I hoped [for].  Believe me, this will really excite people who attend the workshops.  High-quality production is worth every penny.  I can’t wait to show this to my staff.  Thank you for staying so connected to this project with so many moving parts.”

Kent, Director, Office for Social Ministry April 5, 2017