Ad Revenue

We are excited to announce a new revenue-generating opportunity for Catholic parishes, schools, organizations and diocesan offices!

Much like sponsors support a parish or school through bulletin and newsletter advertising, Faith in Marketing website clients can now generate significant income through attractive (and subtle) website advertising, that you control 100%.

Plus, we’ve made the process simple, and mutually-beneficial for you and your sponsors.

How is my site valuable to advertisers?

Because you reach a LOT of quality people with incredible consistency, and businesses want to reach them! Here are some samples of REACH in Southern California, using data from August 25, 2016 through August 24, 2017:

  • Mission San Diego displayed 518,355 pages
  • St. Catherine Laboure displayed 43,287 pages
  • St. Mark’s Church displayed 126,540 pages
  • Stella Maris Academy displayed 58,875 pages
  • Corpus Christi in Aliso Viejo displayed 65,598 pages
  • St. Joseph Cathedral displayed 183,765 pages
  • An average parish website serves approximately 250 pages per day and 95,000 pages per year.

So, how much can you make?

That’s entirely up to you. You set your ad price, and you set your advertiser limit.

  • $1 per day ($365 per year) for each of 25 sponsors…? You’ll generate $9125 per year.
  • $250 per year for each of 15 sponsors…? You’ll generate $3,750 per year.
  • $500 per year for each of 10 sponsors…? You’ll generate $5,000 per year.

Who keeps the money?

You do. It’s your website. You sold the ads. And you loaded them to the Faith in Marketing Ad System.

Does Faith in Marketing charge for this service?

We have three daughters… and Catholic school tuition… So the answer is yes.

There is a one-time Ad System setup fee of $2500. Plus, $500 per year (starting the second year). There are no long-term contracts.

Need an awesome new website, too? Hire us to install the Ad System while we are building your new website, and we will waive the first THREE years of service fees, a savings of $1500.

What does each sponsor receive?

A lot.

Old-fashioned website advertising allows the user to click an ad to visit the sponsor’s website. We don’t think that’s good enough. So we’ve created HUGE added value for the sponsor, the parishioners/families, and for the parish/school.

With our Ad System, the user clicks an ad and visits your sponsor’s own PAGE that’s within your site. From there, the user can click out to visit the Sponsor’s website, social media, etc.

On the Sponsor’s page within your site, the user sees:

  • Sponsor’s / Business Name
  • The Graphic Advertisement
  • Body Copy / Text Description of the Business
  • Optional Endorsement by Pastor / Principal / Director
  • Link to the Business’ Website Address
  • Link to the Business’ Facebook Page
  • Address and a live Google Map
  • Business’ Phone Number

What are the benefits of dedicated Sponsor pages?

  • It creates an in-house representation of the business BEFORE the user visits the business’ actual website.
  • It gives an opportunity to for the pastor or director to personally endorse the business and mention the relationship between the business and the parish/school. For example, “Smith Construction company built our gym and donated our new staircase. The Smiths have been parishioners at St. Mary’s since 1963. We can’t thank them enough! — Fr. John”
  • It provides multiple choices for links to both web and social sites, rather than just web.
  • The parish or school can track EXACTLY how many people have visited the Sponsor’s page, giving great value to the sponsor, and keeping results transparent. “Mr. Smith, last month there were 423 visits to your ad page on our website. I’ll email the report to you.”
  • The text on the Sponsor’s page creates Search Engine Optimization value for the business and for the parish/school.
  • You are able to share the specific page to your social media channels, at any time that you wish, giving that Sponsor even greater added value. “Check out our Sponsor of the Month/Week… Smith Construction… Parishioners since 1963… [Photo / Ad]”

Who are some suggested Sponsors?

  • Anybody already advertising in your bulletin / newsletter, or business like them
  • Businesses owned by parishioners or parents
  • Home services, painters, contractors
  • Nearby restaurants
  • Insurance agents
  • Specific car salesmen or dealers

Who creates the graphic advertisement?

You do, or the business does, and it’s very easy to do so. The ad is the same size ratio as a standard sheet of 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall paper. Design it with your favorite software, or even use free software on the web. Save the ad as a JPG and resize it to 225 x 300 pixels, at 72 dpi (exact sample size shown). Your ad is ready!

How do I ADD a sponsor to our website?

Log in and click New Sponsor. Upload the ad graphic and fill in the blanks: Business Name, Description, Website, Phone, Social Links, etc.

Pick the ad START date and END date. Click Publish. You’re done. Don’t forget to send an invoice to the business, and get paid!

Can I change an ad?

Editing a sponsor or changing their graphic is a super quick piece of cake. Deleting a sponsor is even easier with just one click. Plus, they’ll stay in the recycle bin for 30 days just in case the Sponsor changes her mind!

Where do the ads show on my site?

Each ad can show in a variety of places, or in multiple places.

There’s an ad in the footer of every single page of your website, and/or it can show in the sidebar of your page.

When a page loads, the ads are pulled at RANDOM from all of your active Sponsors, giving each of them an EQUAL opportunity to be seen.

Plus, you can have a Sponsors Page / Directory that shows a grid of ALL active ads, and allows users to click over to an individual sponsor’s page.

How do I know how many people visited each Sponsor’s page?

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive a PDF listing all Sponsor pages and exactly how many unique visitors there were too each page. This information is collected by Google and provided by Google directly to you. We do not create, organize or manipulate any of the data. It’s fully transparent.

Sounds great, how do we get started?

Call Faith in Marketing at (858) 877-3733.