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Use your Voice and A.I. to Kickstart your Writing

by Thom Hiatt If you occasionally have writer’s block or simply dislike typing, consider using your own voice (plus a little help from artificial intelligence) to write your next letter, brochure or presentation! In this article, you will learn to speak directly into a Google Document. Google will turn your voice into text on the…

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Social Media & Mental Health

by Thom Hiatt Recently I was asked, “Would you accept $10,000 cash if you knew a stranger in a far away land would DIE immediately because you accepted the gift?” I won’t go into my answer, but the question becomes, “Would you participate in something that benefits you, if you knew it was harming someone…

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Churches & Schools reach nearby homes with Direct Mail

by Thom Hiatt Did you know that “direct mail” can be a highly-effective way to promote a parish or school, and engage members of the community? It’s true. Faith in Marketing regular assists both parishes and schools with direct mail projects to reach highly-targeted members of the nearby community. Sure, you can do the same…

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