Memorial Day Weekend

“When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” — Proverbs 21:15

Faith in Marketing will be closed Friday, May 26th, through Monday, May 29th, to honor those who have fallen while serving our country. Our nation will always be most grateful for the women and men who gave everything to protect our freedom and our values.

We hope you have a meaningful and safe holiday weekend with your family and friends. See you at Mass!


THIS JUST IN: We’re a Google Trusted Photographer!

Faith in Marketing has been selected as an official Google Trusted Photographer! A handful of photographers around the world are selected only after meeting specific, high-end criteria, providing only high quality images. Trusted Photographers must also maintain community standards and publish only appropriate material.

At Faith in Marketing, we take pride in the Virtual Tour images we shoot and prepare for your organization, parish or school. We also work hard to maximize your reach on Google Maps and Google for Business. For more information and to schedule a shoot, please call us at (858) 877-3733.

Use your finger or computer mouse to move around the images shown below. Virtual Tour images we shoot for YOU can be embedded in your website, shared on social media, included in newsletters, and are used to dramatically improve your Google Maps listing.


Sports Field



We love our clients’ feedback!

“Thank you for making our website happen. We now have a better presence on the internet after all these years. It is all coming to life on both the website and Facebook pages. I finally have a good feeling that we are going to be noticed and could not have done it without [your] help.” — Marlene, School Office Manager in the Diocese of San Diego

Thank you, Marlene! We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with your entire team. We do appreciate this new business relationship and we are happy to do our best to create success for your school.

Read many more testimonials at

Saint John School has hired Faith in Marketing

Saint John School in Encinitas, California has selected Faith in Marketing as the school’s new website, virtual tour, video and marketing partner.

“To say we’re excited about this partnership is an understatement,” said Thom Hiatt, Founder of Faith in Marketing. Saint John School is on a beautiful property just east of the 5 on Encinitas Blvd. It’s adjacent to Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, which has a vibrant and large group of active parishioners. “The first time we visited the campus we were struck by how genuinely friendly the school staff members are. It was a treat,” added Mr. Hiatt.

Melissa Hiatt will serve as Graphic Design and Programming Lead for the new online property. “We work with many great Catholic schools around the country,” said Mrs. Hiatt, “but it’s not too often we see an iconic bell tower at the school entrance, or a peaceful grove of trees in the school courtyard. In designing the new website, we really wanted to play off these great features.”

While the new custom website is modern, mobile-friendly and feature packed, perhaps the best part is that the school is not married to a contract that never ends. In fact, there is no long-term contract and the school owns the website. In other words, “No monthly fees for the rest of your life.” And, “You own your data.” We also do not use proprietary software that would otherwise tie the client’s hands.

The new website is a new beginning, and is scheduled to launch shortly after Easter Sunday 2017. An early draft is shown below.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Thom Hiatt at Faith in Marketing at (858) 877-3733 or write to

New CREST for Saint Charles Borromeo Academy

Faith in Marketing is excited to showcase the new CREST (a.k.a. Coat of Arms / Achievement Mark) for Saint Charles Borromeo Academy, in the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph. The academy was founded in 1947 in Oakview, Missouri, a suburb “village” near Gladstone, in the Northland area of Kansas City.

Saint Charles Borromeo Academy is located at Saint Charles Catholic Parish, which recently welcomed its new Pastor, Fr. Don Farnan. Father Don previously served the community at St. Thomas More Parish on Holmes Road in Kansas City, Missouri. At Saint Charles, Fr. Don has provided a new sense of spirit and energy. Parishioners even enjoy his weekly blog writings.

The academy’s new crest will be used as a formal marking on letterhead, signage and other collateral / marketing materials. Faith in Marketing creates unique logos, crests and other artwork for Catholic Schools, Parishes and Organizations. The Catholic marketing company is based in San Diego, California, and also provides services including:

  • Video Production
  • Mobile & Web Development
  • Social Media Targeted Marketing
  • Virtual Tours
  • Direct Mail
  • Design & Printing

Communications staff at Saint Charles Borromeo Academy selected Faith in Marketing to develop the fully custom school crest design, and they provided very specific requests for certain elements to be included / represented, such as:

  • shield
  • cross
  • laurel wreath (leaves of victory) or
  • laurel crown (crown of laurels)
  • trivium symbol
  • keys to the kingdom
  • praying hands (or a symbol that represents serving God) or
  • open book
  • eucharist symbol
  • banner

Thom Hiatt, 1st Grade

Gina Rupnow, Director of Communications at St. Charles Borromeo Academy, declared that, “Once again, Faith In Marketing has come through.  Their team is prompt, reliable, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  They were able to make our vision come to life with this beautiful crest… it truly tells our story! Thank you, Faith In Marketing, for another outstanding product!”

In addition to the crest, a new athletics logo is under development for the academy sports team, the Saint Charles Chargers. Thom Hiatt, the co-founder of Faith in Marketing, graduated from St. Charles in 1989, and was proud to be a member of the school’s winning volleyball and basketball teams.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Thom at Faith in Marketing at (858) 877-3733 or write to


Hunger for Ash Wednesday Information

This graph shows our server activity. We host the websites we’ve developed for dozens of parishes and schools in Southern California. You can see the increasing hunger for information during the days leading up to (and including) Ash Wednesday 2017. We’re going to assume that web surfers were looking for 1) local Mass times, and the 2) meaning of Ash Wednesday.

The takeaway here is that parishes can think proactively about posting valuable information on their website homepage, anticipating the visitors’ needs.

Note to our clients: We recommend using the Events feature to highlight your Masses and gatherings. We also recommend posting News updates to educate your guests both beforehand and afterwards. These Events and Posts can be shared through social media to further increase attendance and participation.

Why you need to post news on your site

by Thom Hiatt

Take a deep breath. This is vital information…

Each time Faith in Marketing launches a new website, we conduct a user training session for the parish, school, or organization staff.

Most of the two-hour training session is spent talking about the value of posting news. We go over and over (and over again) the value of adding content to the site… and we show you how simple it is to do.

“If you launch an awesome new site and add nothing to it, the site is quite literally dead,” I tell the trainees, “But when you add news, you are breathing life into your site.”

News posts keep your site fresh. When people return to your site and they see NEW news, it’s refreshing. There’s nothing worse than seeing the last article was added six months ago!

“If you add one article per week,” I tell my trainees, “you get an A+. But if you don’t add news to your site, it’s an F. It’s that big of a deal.”

One massive benefit of adding news to your site is that Google prefers websites that are updated and fresh with news.

Imagine your friend asks for a restaurant suggestion. Food quality, price, and service being equal, would you refer your friend to a restaurant that has not been updated in a decade, or would you recommend a restaurant that is new and fresh?

Search engines like Google provide results that are accurate, popular, and that come from a lively source. To be lively, you need breath. And to make your site breathe, you need to add news posts. Google visits lively sites more often and indexes the site’s new content, making your articles available to people who are looking for you.

Here’s yet another benefit: Many modern smartphones include services like “Google Now” or “Google Assistant.” These services track users’ online patterns and the sites they visit. When Google finds a new article on a site you visit, Google might recommend it for you to read. The following graphic shows Google Assistant’s suggestions for two new articles I might like. Both articles are on sites I’ve visited before.


The modern websites we build include a special feature that will automatically add your news posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages. This means you don’t have to log into your social media accounts and cross-post your articles. It’s a giant time-saver. And every social post links directly back to the specific article on your website. As a matter of fact, just this month, one of our San Diego Diocese clients experienced a 95% increase in website traffic when they started adding news to their website.


When you regularly add news to your site, most of your “monthly newsletter” work is already finished! When it’s time to write the newsletter, just copy and paste articles from your fresh website. If you post two articles per week on average, you’ll have eight articles to choose from for your newsletter.

And because you’re such a good trainee, you’ve been looking at your Google Analytics reports to see which articles have been the most popular. Now you can pick and choose what to feature.

Adding articles to your Faith in Marketing -built website is really so simple, and the benefits are numerous. Give it a try, and don’t hesitate to call us for help at (858) 877-3733.

Two Holy Week Banners for $274

We’re printing this banner on our large-format vinyl machine, which prints up to 8 feet wide and 100 feet long! This banner shown is 4 feet tall x 10 feet wide. We can use it as a foundation for YOUR parish, replacing the text areas and logo.

You can have TWO identical 4 x 10 banners for $274 grand total (buy one at $274 and get one free — tax and delivery included!). We’ll include stitching on the edges, and metal grommets, too.

Just email your replacement text to — we’ll shift things around to make it look great, then send a proof to you before we print them. You’ll have them about 2 business days after you’ve approved the proof.

As a bonus, we’ll give you a $274 CREDIT toward your NEXT video or website+app by Faith in Marketing. See the NEW St. Joseph Cathedral website here. And the NEW Society of St. Vincent de Paul site here. And the NEW Catholic Community Foundation site here.