10 reasons to leave a public school for private education

Most families in the United States choose taxpayer-funded public education for their children. During the pandemic, and since, many families have discovered the benefits of moving from public schools to private, Catholic schools and academies. Here are some benefits of doing so:

  1. Smaller class sizes: Private Catholic schools often have smaller class sizes which can lead to more individualized attention for students.
  2. Stronger academic focus: Private Catholic schools may have a stronger academic focus, with higher standards and expectations for students.
  3. Religious education: Catholic schools provide religious education and formation, which some families may value.
  4. Safe and secure environment: Private Catholic schools may provide a safer and more secure environment for students.
  5. Specialized programs: Private Catholic schools may offer specialized programs, such as music, art, or sports programs, that are not available at public schools.
  6. Better teacher-student ratio: Catholic schools have fewer students per teacher than public schools, which can lead to better teacher-student ratios and more personalized instruction.
  7. Higher graduation rates: Catholic schools tend to have higher graduation rates than public schools, which can be an important factor for some families.
  8. Stronger community: Private Catholic schools often have a stronger sense of community and school spirit, which can be a great way for children to feel connected and supported.
  9. Focus on values: Catholic schools focus on values such as honesty, responsibility, and respect, which some families may find important for their child’s development.
  10. Better extra-curricular activities: Catholic schools often provide better extracurricular activities such as sports, music, drama and volunteering opportunities, which can help children to develop their talents and interests.

BONUS: Children in private schools tend to have the same classmates during their entire childhood, from K through 8th, building stronger lifelong friendships.

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