360° Virtual Tours

Prospective families research your organization online long before they visit in person. So your mission is to provide the best content to them, to get them in the door.

We offer the latest technology to showcase your campus/plant with Virtual Reality 360° Photo Tours! Now your guests can use their phone, iPad, or computer to visit each classroom, hall or worship space on property.

What a great way to help enrolling families feel confident about your clean, safe, and faith-filled areas. Plus, new parishioners can feel right at home before taking their first step inside!

Faith in Marketing is an Official Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

  • High-quality Virtual Tour Images are taken by Thom Hiatt, a Google Maps “Level 8 Local Guide” & Google Street View Trusted Photographer
  • Thom’s images on Google Maps have been viewed over 36 MILLION times.
  • Mr. Hiatt is a Safe Environments Authorized, Background-Checked, Catholic.
  • We’ve provided Virtual Tours for DOZENS of parishes and schools in California, Nevada, Missouri, and others.
  • Your images will be shown on your Google Maps listing, on your website, on Facebook, and can be promoted in your e-news, bulletins, and printed literature.

Call (858) 877-3733 to schedule your shoot.

  • We’ll edit each tour image to remove private information (such as students’ names on desks/chalkboards and visible photos of students).
  • We’ll optimize each image for light, clarity and ambiance.
  • We’ll provide the code for you to include all of the tours in your website (limited only to the capability of your site).
  • If we also currently manage your website, we will build your website tour pages for no extra charge.
  • We’ll share with you our recommended best practices on how to promote your online tours.
  • We’ll review your listing on Google Maps and make any necessary changes. This can include changing your photos, name, category, address, phone, website, pin-point location, etc. Because we’re really high level Local Guides on Google Maps, our changes are accepted by Google Maps almost instantly, versus a public change which can require multiple-person verifications and a lengthy waiting period. If you’re on LinkedIn, you NEED to read this.
  • One year after we’ve posted your Virtual Tour on Google Maps, we will send a report to you showing how many times it has been viewed! It’s amazing…

Call Faith in Marketing at (858) 877-3733.