Website Hosting

We’ve got your website covered

Our servers are built to meet the demands of your website.


We do not host random websites for random clients. We do not host pornographic material or hate speech. And we do not host content that goes against our Catholic Values. We only host the websites that we’ve built for our own clients such as Catholic Parishes, Catholic Schools, and select non-profit organizations.


Our clients’ websites and data are secure on our servers which are in a private, unmarked facility, in an area that is not prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding.

On location, we use a fire suppression system, backup generators for electricity, and a primary and secondary climate control system. As you can imagine, our security cameras watch every point of ingress and egress into and out of our data centers.

Our servers have 10 unique connections to the internet “backbone,” allowing protection should one (or even nine) of those connections go down.


Access to the server room is strictly limited to our support staff and maintenance staff. Maintenance staff must obtain the proper key fobs from our facility manager. Our datacenter access is only granted by individually assigned keyfobs.


Our backups are designed to restore basic functionality to our server in the event of a catastrophic failure. Our backups are usually updated at least once per week. We urge customers to keep their own backups of critical data, and we discourage clients from using our servers as “storage” for your files. Your local backup usually happens by default because clients generally copy text and certain images from their local computer when they are generating news and events on their site. Some great (and free) storage options for large files are Google Drive, Google Photos, and Facebook Photo Albums.


At Faith in Marketing, we’ve been in business since 2003, and we’ve never experienced a catastrophic failure. Since Day #1, we are unaware of any manual “hacks” to our clients’ sites. Including necessary server maintenance, we average a 99.9% uptime throughout the year.

When we develop a new website for a client, we typically like to include at least one year of free website hosting. After the free / included period, we charge a convenient annual fee to host your site.


Included with your hosting is email forwarding for up to 20 email addresses. Mailboxes, mail storage, and pass-throughs are available for an additional fee. However, we recommend using Gmail or Google for Non Profits to manage your mail for free. Why do we recommend Gmail? Because their spam filters are hands down the best in the business, and because your email is available to you at any time from any device.


Also included with your hosting, for no additional charge is the opportunity to contact us by phone, email or text, up to five times per week, for up to five minutes per instance, for help. While we don’t let all of that help time “stack up” or rollover, this is a huge value of up to 22 HOURS of one-on-one help per year, should you need it.

While we’re hosting your website that we’ve built for you — we promise to maintain the functionality of the site services we’ve set up. In other words, if we created something for your site, and we’re hosting your site, we promise to fix what breaks on its own. For example, occasionally a website “plugin” will become outdated and may stop fully working. So… we fix it or find another contemporary solution. However, sites that we’ve built but do not host, we do not support at no charge, because the server, the administration, and other factors are outside of our control.