Stay in touch over the Holidays!

by Thom Hiatt

We all want a break, and we all deserve a break every now and then… especially all of the hard-working administrative staff at the school! But one thing you should not take a break from is communications with your families, members and donors. There are several reasons why a private school should continue to communicate with its constituents over the course of a break.

(Fortunately, many of your communications can be pre-planned and pre-programmed, so they go out on their own, while you’re sipping lemonade in Fiji.)

First and foremost, regular communication helps to maintain a sense of community and connection within the school. Even when students, parents, and faculty are not physically present on campus, it is important to stay connected. This can be especially important for students who may feel isolated or disconnected during a long break. By maintaining communication, you can help to foster a sense of belonging and support for all members of the community.

Another reason to maintain communication is to keep constituents informed about important events and opportunities. For example, a Catholic school might use communication channels to share information about upcoming open houses, fundraisers, or other events that may be of interest to the community. By staying in touch during break, the school can keep its constituents engaged and informed. Plus, the events taking place after the break won’t come as much of a shock to parents and students.

There are many different ways that a private school can communicate with its constituents, even with little or no financial investment. Here are a few examples:

Email newsletters: Weekly newsletters (even during a break) can be a short and sweet way to say ‘hello’ and to keep upcoming events fresh on recipients’ minds. Remember to keep them brief, and link headlines and buttons to the event listings on your website, where people can read up on all the smaller details.

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways for a school to share updates and engage with its constituents. Schools can use these platforms to share news posts, photos, and other updates about what is happening within the school community. To make things more personal, share personal stories about what the Principal or Pastor might be doing with their own families during the holiday.

Greeting Cards and Postcards: This is a great opportunity to plan ahead for your next break. Design, print and mail cards to families in the good old-fashioned snail mail. Faith in Marketing can help you design, print, and even mail 500+ pieces to your families, and alumni. You can even personalize them with hand-written notes on each card.