Direct Mail

Our best clients work with Faith in Marketing regularly to reach their parishioners, school families, donors, and prospects through the trusted postal service.

We make mailing SIMPLE.

In most cases, you only need to provide your idea or desire, and your contact list, which of course is kept entirely confidential. (If you don’t have a contact list, we’ll help you reach the perfect target database by location, age, gender, income, occupation, interests, and so on.)

Our ultra-fast mailing process includes:

  • DESIGNING or receiving your files to be printed
  • PRINTING your materials, and cutting / folding / customizing
  • STUFFING your items into customized envelopes
  • PROCESSING your mailing list by removing any bad addresses and updating old records
  • ADDRESSING your pieces with our high-speed SuperJet, capable of printing in color, and almost any font
  • BATCHING your pieces for the fastest possible postal delivery service
  • DELIVERING your items to the central post office
  • PAYING your postage as contracted
  • UPDATING you with electronic lists of your contacts who have bad or new addresses so you can update your master records

LIST SCRUBBING – We’ll clean up your data! Click here for info.