Mailing List Cleaning

How can I clean up my old mailing list and add new addresses?

Did you know that each year approximately 10% of all people move to a new home, pass away, or otherwise have a new address? If you have a large database and have not kept it up to date for years, there’s a great chance that MANY of the people in your list have long gone moved on!

  • Simply export your database to an Excel or CSV file, then send it to us confidentially. You can easily export from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Be sure all of your data is on one list or tab.
  • You pay $149 by credit card for processing. It’s the same low price whether you have 100 records or up to 9999 records in one list.
  • Include columns: Full Name (or First Name, Last Name), Address, City, State, Zip
  • We will scrub your mailing list against the National Database. This is the federal list that the post office uses to track folks who have completed a Change of Address form. Our ability to update is limited to address change information the post office has on hand.
  • In 1-2 business days we will return files to you by email:
  1. A list of your contacts who have moved to a new address, showing both their old and new addresses
  2. A list of your contacts who have “bad” contact info, no new address on file, or their address does not exist
  3. A “clean” list of ALL of your contacts, including the new, “good” addresses

Now that your info is clean, you will be able to stay in touch with more contacts, more often, for a smaller investment.

What about my contacts’ email addresses, phone numbers, or other affiliated data?

We clean lists with 6 standard columns: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip. For $50 extra, you can include up to four columns of email addresses, phone numbers, customer number, etc, within your list. When we edit your list, we’ll keep these additional columns intact, so each contact stays complete with it’s affiliated data. John Smith will have a new address, but will keep the same email, phone, invoice #, etc.

Do you offer any additional list services?

Yes, for $50, when your list is fresh and clean, we’ll add a new MAP column to your database. Each record will have it’s own hyperlink to click and see the address’ Google Street View! Just click the link and see the home like this > Google Map Street View Link

Is my information safe?

Yes. We will not sell your information to anybody, or any company, or organization, ever. Period. We will only use your information to process your specific order. Other than that, we have no interest your list.

What’s the maximum price if I want EVERYTHING included?

For $249 grand total on your credit card, we’ll clean your mailing list and return to you:

  1. MOVED LIST — A list of your contacts who have moved to a new address. The file shows both their old and new addresses!
  2. BAD — A list of your contacts who have “bad” contact info, which could be an incorrectly named street.
  3. NON-DELIVERABLE — A list of your contacts who having missing info that our system cannot fix. Maybe you’ve got their house number, but no city or zip code. (We do not need city or state as long as we have the zip.)
  4. CLEAN — A squeaky clean list of ALL of your contacts, including the new, “good” addresses if they’ve moved.
    • PHONES, EMAILS OR OTHER DATA — Your new clean list will include your four original data columns such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
    • STREET VIEW — Your clean list will include a new column of hyperlinks to Google Street View for each street address