Website traffic is amazing — Thank you for the training

Bob U., Parish Business Manager

“I have been super busy giving tours and registering new students… Many have seen the videos… Thanks again for your support!”

Rose, Principal

“To say I have been reluctant to ‘stick my toe’ into the main-stream of modern technology is an ‘understatement’ to put it mildly.  With the ‘encouragement’ of my staff, I finally agreed to give it a try.  Thom Hiatt and I decided on a welcome video: ‘Please join our community for Holy Week.” With an artist’s eye, Thom chose some wonderful shots of our church, supplemented with pictures from his own archives. The filming took about two hours, but Thom made the whole experience relaxed, and dare I say even ‘enjoyable.’  The feedback has been most positive, and I am actually looking forward to working with Thom on a general ‘Welcome to our church,’ video for our website.  I can’t recommend Thom and Faith in Marketing  highly enough.”

Fr. Jerry O’Donnell, Pastor, All Hallows Catholic Church, La Jolla, CA

“Great work and quick turnaround. Pleasure working with you.”

Shannon, National Catholic Association

“If you want to turn your back on parish communication of every kind and be sure that it will be handled — in a Catholic context, in a timely manner, with great attention to detail, to exceed your expectations — put Thom and his firm on retainer today. Build it into your budget for the coming fiscal year and be the best stewards of your parish finances as you meet parishioners in a contemporary way, at the same time.”

Cindy, Stewardship Coordinator, All Hallows Catholic Church, La Jolla, CA

“Our parish was sorely in need of a web site makeover. Thom and Melissa created a beautiful NEW site, along with a Facebook page (LIKE!) and Welcome Video… and they did it quickly! They are very professional and really know their stuff. I appreciate that Thom makes himself readily available to answer questions, explaining everything clearly and patiently.”

Kathi Lohry, St. Columba Catholic Church, San Diego, CA

 “Faith in Marketing is one of the finest “go to” marketing companies with which I have ever worked! From business cards to capital campaigns, web sites to videos, creative logo designs to direct mail services that are second to none, you will be hard-pressed to find another vendor who is so responsive to the needs of today’s Catholic parish. Faith in Marketing has earned nothing short of my highest recommendation!”

Fr. Peter McGuine, Pastor, Our Lady of Grace Church, El Cajon, CA

“We had a great time working with Thom on a video for the 75th Anniversary of our parish school. He was able to capture the enthusiasm, dedication and spirit of our community and put it into a format that was concise and full of energy. He’s creative, knows how to edit very well and brings out the best of those in front of the camera. He can tell a story and communicate in a manner that serves the mission of a faith community.”

Fr. Mike Sinor, Pastor, St. Didacus, San Diego, CA

“We have been getting great feedback from the video, [we] recently sent it to all our volunteer facilitators.  Here is just a bit of their feedback:

  • It’s a nicely done and informative little clip!
  • The video came out great, and I liked that you included the mediation from the school.
  • Well done, guys! What a really well put together video! Congrats to Faith in Marketing!
  • This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  • Very excited about this. Love the video.
  • WOW!!! Awesome video! Good job!
  • LOVE the video. Would love to see another 30/60 second video EXCLUSIVELY with testimonials from the juveniles themselves stating what it meant for them (their transformation) as a result of participating in the Restorative Justice process.”

San Diego Restorative Justice Mediation Program

“What a treasure it is for our Catholic Church in San Diego to have a company like Faith in Marketing put so much effort to making our parishes vibrant 21st century communities. The various services that Faith in Marketing provides can quickly give the edge a parish needs in its evangelization efforts to excite the faithful weekly Sunday Mass go-er, stir a fire in disengaged young people, and reach out to the estranged.”

Fr. Jacob Bertrand, St. Vincent de Paul

“I enjoyed this video, as I do most of your excellent work. God bless you and keep up the good work to expand and promote the Catholic Church.”

Steve, Bible Study Leader, Santa Sophia

“The connection you have created between faith and social media is so valuable it cannot be overstated. Your work is fantastic and brings our faith into the current world. You must be very excited about the way you can touch so many through your work.”

Anita, All Hallows

“As chair of the Liturgy Committee and coordinator of the lay ministers for Communion, I work with the lead Sacristan to keep track of attendance at the Christmas and Christmas eve masses. The only thing different this year was our beautiful new web site and Msgr. Richard’s video of welcome at Christmas. Our attendance was up 5-10% at almost every mass, that’s a lot of new people since we have 6 masses Christmas Eve and another 7 masses on Christmas day. I thought you should know how well the site and video seemed to be accepted.”

Linda, Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala

“Seriously – you are ridiculously amazing!”

Stacey S, Corpus Christi Aliso Viejo

“I love working with Faith in Marketing. Not only are they are extremely easy to collaborate with, they are local, Catholic and friendly. The quality of their products are truly superb. I can always count on their quick response and amazingly fast delivery. … Thom Hiatt came as a referral to my office, and I am delighted to refer Faith in Marketing to others.”

Noreen M., Director, Diocese of San Diego

“Thanks a bunch for a terrific training session. What a great teacher you are!!!! You moved me along over the bridge to the 21st century. We at OMC are grateful. The website is the best there is. I am in your court.”

Fr. Mark Campbell, Pastor, Our Mother of Confidence

“Thom, I just got off the phone with an LED lighting supplier who visited our website and found that we had gone solar.  Not only was he impressed with the solar system, but commented on how nice our website is. I am sure that this is the first comment of many to come. Thanks for a job well done.  And thanks to Melissa and the rest of the team as well.”

John O, Parish Operations Manager, San Diego

It was a great honor to work with Mr. Thom Hiatt in the production of the vocations video for Good Shepherd Sunday. I was amazed at Mr. Hiatt’s focus and promptness in creating a video in such a fairly short time. Being flexible with our schedules, he gathered the participants for an interview which he guided smoothly making us feel at home. He weaved all the pieces of the interview artistically that resulted in a beautiful, informative and lively vocations video. I pray that this video will touch many hearts and promote a desire to start exploring the possibility to follow Christ in the priesthood and religious life. I am immensely thankful to Mr. Hiatt whose vision, diligence and creativity not only allowed for a smooth process but ultimately led to an exceptional visual tool. Faith in Marketing is an excellent company to work with and a powerful tool to evangelize our society and to promote a Culture of Vocations.

Sr. Aurora Lopez
Office for Vocations, Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego

Thom Hiatt and the Faith in Marketing team turn our fuzzy concepts into crisp, engaging communication with a call to action that generates results. Whether print or video, we can count on Faith in Marketing to listen to our needs, appreciate our unique parish culture, and then recommend, translate and transform the information into cost-effective and successful marketing solutions.

Georgene Kruzel
Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator

I have to complement you on the [raffle direct mail campaign]. The tickets and the letter are very nice. I was also quite surprised and impressed with how quickly you had them out and in the mail. Thank you for a job well done.

Raffle Committee Chairperson
Our Lady of Grace Church, El Cajon, CA

From time to time I’ve asked for their help on different projects. They always come through for me with very professional results. Thom and his team listen to your needs, then work their magic and blow you away with creativity. Thom is the best in his field.  He always exceeds all expectations.

Jerry Kay

I hope that we can work together again in the future on a similar project, and you would certainly have my whole-hearted endorsement as a referral.

Fr. Joseph Totton
Pastor, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Kansas City