I’ll never forget the phone number for Sprint. It’s 1-800-PIN-DROP. Or how about AT&T at 1-800-CALL-ATT. Need to ship a package? 1-800-PICK-UPS or 1-800-GO-FED-EX.

A Vanity Number is a phone number that includes letters or words that are easy to remember. Sometimes the words are part of the company name. And sometimes the words describe the product for sale.

Not every business must have a vanity number. Just those that advertise on the Radio, Television, Internet, or in Outdoor media. Use it in places where your viewers and listeners have limited time or exposure to your message.

There are two major reasons to use a vanity number. First, it makes remembering a number much easier. With a vanity number, the brain doesn’t have to accommodate seven or ten digits. But rather, it wraps its thoughts around a word or two. And that means more prospects will call you. And that’s a better Return on Investment in your advertising.

Second, it shows that you’re established and professional. It can improve your image virtually overnight.

The great news is that it’s easy to get your own vanity number — a number that’s yours to keep until you don’t want it anymore.

If you are interested in finding a vanity number that fits your business, give us a call. We’ll tell you where and how to get one. Some optional services even allow complete web-based controls, recording features, virtual assistants, voicemail, fax services and more.