Cable Television used to be the black sheep of the media. When you thought ‘cable’ you thought about ‘cable access channels’ giving slide presentations of county services! But those days are long gone!

Today, the majority of homes in large metro areas subscribe to cable television, and nearly a third of them opt for digital cable services.

The average cable subscriber has access to dozens if not hundreds of unique channels. And that’s the glory of the medium.

Networks specialize in topics from golf to weather, and from cooking to soap operas. You can reach customers who like to fix cars, and others who like to travel.

This expansive choice offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their brands, products and services to tight-niche targets.

You can advertise your Image, or use Direct Response messages that repeat over and over.

Thanks to digital content delivery, Cable is about to get a lot more interactive…

Imagine watching a commercial about shutters. You’re interested in learning more, so you push a button on your remote control. Instantly, you’re watching a show dedicated to the product’s features and benefits. And the very next day you receive a supplemental DVD in the mail!

Cable can often accommodate businesses with advertising budgets ranging from ‘tiny’ to ‘massive’.

And computers have made it easier than ever before to produce a quality commercial.

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