FACT: There are more than 30 different radio stations that come in loud and clear in our area.

FACT: As Advertisers, it’s important for us to reach not only a lot of people, but also a lot of the right kind of people.
The people who are listening to talk shows discussing stocks and bonds are most certainly not the same people listening to the latest hip-hop tracks from New York City.

Beyond demographics like gender and age, it’s vital to pay attention to psychographics as well. What is going on inside the head of the business talk listener? What’s important in the life the hip-hop aficionado? Two radio stations that both target Women age 25-49 can be significantly different in WHO they are reaching.

As elementary as this is, some advertisers simply don’t get it. And the concept is important for three reasons: 1) you could be advertising on less efficient stations, 2) you could be wasting money, and 3) you could be destroying your good image by associating with the wrong crowd!

What’s worse is that some business owners and marketing directors knowingly advertise their brand and products only on the stations to which they listen… as if it’s more important to hear their own commercial, than it is to reach the right type of customer.

Radio has given us a choice, and it’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you’re thinking about advertising on the radio, getting back on the radio, or improving your position on the dial, be sure to call Twin Bees Communications first.

We’ll give you our honest opinion free of charge. Second, we’ll help you pinpoint a specific station that best reaches your target customer. And third, we’ll help you plan, create, and deliver top-notch creative that motivates customers.