The name ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log’ which back in the day was no more than an online ‘journal.’ Tech geeks wrote about problematic customers and how to fix widgets. Girls wrote about boys. And before long Perez Hilton started making millions of dollars with his blog.

These days even the largest of companies have corporate blogs. Southwest Airlines has a blog that helps communicate “casually” with employees. And recently a co-founder of Google started a personal blog to discuss genetics and the future of his personal health.

Blogs can be fun. They can be serious. They can be all-party, or all-business. They can discuss political views, or they can showcase your latest products. They can even be all of the above. Blogs can be open to the public or they can be 100% private and only viewable by the author.

We encourage organizations and businesses to start blogs. While the benefits might seem obvious, one often overlooked benefit is that of increased website traffic. If your blog is open to the public and you allow search engines to look at it, the content of your blog will eventually become part of search results. People will search for things, they will find your blog, and they will find you, and then your website.

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