TPS Reports
“TPS Reports” from the 1999 movie Office Space. This may be reason enough to leave your job…

During the past month I have had four friends tell me they wanted to quit their job, had already quit, or were planning to quit. They work(ed) in a variety of industries. A couple of them are/were management. Of course, my response to each situation was heartfelt sympathy with a listening ear. After all, they are friends.

I am also extremely excited for them. While they consider their next steps, I am anxious to encourage them to start their own business… or at least provide them with insight. Running the ship is not right for everybody, but it can be right for so many.

One friend in particular asked me to help him create a new business name, website home page, business card, email marketing account, and business email account. A day and a half later, it was done. We also armed him with some simple steps necessary to register his business with the local and state governments. And now he wants brochures and embroidered dress shirts with a new logo! He plans to get the business up and running and then promptly turn in his two-week notice.

Quitting isn’t necessary for everyone. Many people want to start a business to run “on the side” apart from their day job, perhaps as a hobby, creative release, or for a little extra income.

If you know someone who is interested in starting a business, please have them call me directly at (858) 877-3733 or write to info [at] We can make them look as professional as their biggest competitor. Logos, business cards, websites, custom phone numbers, virtual offices, direct mail, email marketing, vehicle signage, cable & radio advertising, brochures, and advice… We do it all.