Earlier this month I attended a week-long conference at my alma mater, the Missouri School of Journalism, celebrating its 100 year anniversary. While I did not see many friends from the mid-90s, I did visit with past professors and attend a number of quality seminars focusing on the Internet, contemporary journalism, new technologies, marketing, health communication, and graphic design. One of the prevalent discussions was regarding the increased use of video on the web.

Until a couple of years ago, the use of video was frowned because it was simply too cumbersome for people with slow internet connections. These days, however, the vast majority of your customers are using broadband services like DSL or Cable. In fact, it’s your customers who have made websites like YouTube so gosh darn popular. I don’t want to go in a bunch of statistics, but let’s put it this way: Online video usage is up, way up, and growing lightning fast. You need to be a part of that growth.

Consider adding video to your website. They can be product demonstrations, how-to videos, video newsletters from the CEO, virtual tours of your facility, or heartfelt requests for non-profit donations. Your videos can be short clips, or mini-episodes! We’ll help you brainstorm great ideas for your website.

Do it all yourself or let us help you. Our crew will write, record, edit, and produce your videos. We’ll add special effects, music, and titles if you like. Then we’ll format them to play quickly and smoothly on the web. For more information, call us at (858) 877-3733 or write to info [at]