Nasty Bathrooms in the News

Faith in Marketing builds websites that keep your audience coming back for more. One of the ways we do this is by empowering you with the opportunity to share school, parish, and organization NEWS. This truly breathes life into your website, and makes it more attractive to search engines like Google.

Frequently, we’re talking with a client, or training a staff, and we start to talk about the value of news. Every time, someone in the room says, “But we really don’t have much ‘news’ here.”

It may not seem like that on the surface, but the reality is that your organization has plenty of news every single day. You just have to look through a different lens.

A principal once asked us, “We just replaced the tile in the boys’ bathroom… is that news?”

“YES!” we replied with excitement, “Take a photo and share it, and mention the volunteers who helped, and where the funding came from, etc. It’s all very good news!”

Websites by Faith in Marketing are easy to use, and allow you to easily add news. When you publish your “article” it can automatically post onto your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. See sample posts below. People who see your headline on social media will click it, which takes them directly to the full article on your site. And that’s where we want them!

Also, our sites can notify your users via browser notifications. So even if they’re not on social media, they can still be alerted the moment you’ve added a great new article. Clicking the notification brings your user to your site. That’s where we want them!

We want people on YOUR site, because that’s where they can schedule a tour. That’s where they can sign up to volunteer. That’s where they can donate. That’s where they can see your other valuable content and strengthen their relationship with YOU.

So, just as a reminder, we want your content to be BORN on your SITE. That’s where it starts. The other channels like social media and e-newsletters simply feature your news pages and link back to them. Frankly it’s a lot less effort on your part, to do it the correct way.

This morning on social media we found a post from a great parish in Missouri. (See the full post below.) They simply wanted to highlight the freshly cleaned bathroom floors. This is great. It shows parishioners that the staff cares. It shows people that the parish makes an effort to create a comfortable environment. It shows the importance of a talented cleaning crew, and what volunteers and donations can accomplish. It gets people excited to go back to church and experience newly cleaned areas.

Unfortunately, the post did not include a link back to the parish website, where people could learn even more about what the church is doing in-house, and in the community.

The “best practice” is to first post the News Article / Photo on the church / school website, and have that article automatically cross-posted to social media, allowing the click-backs to the parish.

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