Promoting Your Organization, Not Theirs

We invest a lot of time encouraging clients to write articles for their website. Articles breathe life into your site, they keep Google coming back for more, and articles can be auto-pushed out to social media, ultimately leading more visitors to your site, which equals new members, donors, enrollees, etc.

Whether you work for a school, a church, or an organization, you will eventually come across another organization’s article that seems interesting to you, and supports your mission. Your gut reaction is to share that article on your school’s social media pages…. like, “See, we told you!”

For example, say are a Catholic School Principal. You know that small class sizes are generally a good thing for students. One day you are reading the New York Times and find an article discussing the benefits of one-on-one attention between students and teachers. Great!

You click the newspaper’s share-to-facebook button, but then you stop and think, “Wait! What would Faith in Marketing say?”

Here’s what we say…

When you link from your social media page directly to the New York Times article, you’ve bypassed your own brand / organization altogether! Yes, your reader might click the link and go to the newspaper’s web page and read the article, and then read another article, and then click an ad for a fancy watch or a pair of boots! Unfortunately, you have not taken advantage of this great opportunity and moment of inspiration. So here’s what to do instead:

  1. Log in to your website and start a new post / article.
  2. Create a catchy title such as “Students Thrive Thanks to our Small Class Sizes.”
  3. Type a brief article with your own language (no plagiarism), discussing the benefits of low student:teacher ratios… maybe include a parent’s testimonial about one-on-one attention.
  4. Upload a Featured Image, taken at your school, showing one teacher working with one student.
  5. Finally, add a paragraph that briefly PARAPHRASES the New York Times’ main point. (This is the “See, I told you so” moment.)
  6. To be kind, include a link to the Times article… “To read the full New York Times article, click here.”
  7. Add a button that links to your “Schedule a Tour” web page. “Take advantage of our small class sizes! Schedule a tour today. Click here…”
  8. Publish your article and make sure it’s auto-posted to your social media pages.

Now, instead of sending your social media fans (and their public-school-friends) directly to the New York Times website (bypassing your school entirely) you’re sending them to YOUR website. They will read that YOU are an expert in this field. They will read that YOU create optimal learning environments. And the parent can click to schedule a tour (and enroll) with YOU.

Faith in Marketing has very simple goals: increase student enrollment, increase participation at church, and promote stewardship. We’d love to help you, too. Please call us at (858) 877-3733.