Add Urgent News to Site and Social via Email

Our professional websites for Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations are built with EASE-of-use in mind. That’s why we’re happy to showcase “News by Email.”

With this SIMPLE tool from Faith in Marketing, you can quickly and easily post an important message to your website simply by sending an email!

Plus, we can program your site to automatically share news to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and your followers’ notification bar.

Have something important to share quickly, and you’re standing in the middle of a parking lot, or the beach?

  1. Grab your phone and compose an email. Send it to a top secret email address. You’re done!
  2. Your message will post to your website’s news feed.
  3. Optionally, your message will post to Facebook and Twitter, and link back to your website.
  4. Also optionally, your followers may receive a browser notification on their desktop and / or phone, linking to your website article.

It’s really that simple. In fact, this article was written on a phone and posted (site + social) in just two minutes! If you know how to send an email, you’re already fully trained.

For more info, call us at (858) 877-3733.

When it was published (from email to website), the article also appeared on Facebook and Twitter as shown below. Plus, subscribers were shown a clickable Chrome browser notification: