St. Thomas More Catholic Church Engages Faith in Marketing

St. Thomas More Catholic Church and Rev. Mike Ratajczak, Pastor, have engaged Faith in Marketing to provide a wide variety of valuable communications services, including web, mobile, video, and virtual tours.

“We’re simply thrilled to work for the St. Thomas More parish community again,” said Thom Hiatt, owner of Faith in Marketing. “St. Thomas More has done an incredible job of producing top-notch content over the years, and we’re setting in motion an innovative plan that will ‘set the content free’ and allow it to connect with an even larger audience of current and prospective parish families going forward.”

Melissa Hiatt is the lead graphic designer and online programming director for Faith in Marketing. “I’ve built modern, custom websites for twenty years now… all from the ground up,” she said, “This parish project is exciting to me because St. Thomas More dedicated their new church building just two short years ago in December 2015. So it’s almost brand new. The church building is beyond gorgeous both outside and inside… and it’s time to showcase the building’s beauty online, with the latest web features.”

The new website will be modern, mobile-optimized, social-media-connected, easy to update, and will include Faith in Marketing’s mobile home page app, all for no extra charge. “Parishes, schools and offices that hire Faith in Marketing for modern web development are fortunate to purchase a quality, open-source product that they own — and don’t lease or rent — saving money for the organization,” said Thom. “It’s also helpful that we’re just a phone call, text or personal visit away, if and when our clients need the littlest bit of assistance.”

St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Oceanside, California, was established in 1985, with Fr. Robert White as the founding pastor. Fr. Peter McGuine was appointed as Pastor in the summer of 1995. And Fr. Michael Ratajczak was appointed as Pastor in the summer of 2003. With the help of a tremendous and talented staff, he has led St. Thomas More to become one of the most Stewardship-active parishes in the Diocese of San Diego.

Below, please enjoy two Virtual Tour images at beautiful St. Thomas More Catholic Church. Use your mouse or finger to adjust the angle. Some phones allow you to simply turn your hand to adjust the angle! There are 14 Virtual Tour images currently available on the parish’s Google Maps listing.