360° Photo Virtual Tours

Faith in Marketing is an Official Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

We offer the latest technology to showcase your parish and school campus with Virtual Reality 360° Photo Tours! Now your guests can use their phone, iPad, or computer to visit each classroom, hall or worship space on property. What a great way to help enrolling families feel confident about your clean, safe, and faith-filled areas. Plus, new parishioners can feel right at home before taking their first step inside!

  • High quality Virtual Tour Images are taken by Thom Hiatt, a Google Maps Level 7 Local Guide & Google Street View Trusted Photographer
  • Collectively, Thom’s images on Google Maps have been viewed more than 15,000,000 times.
  • Mr. Hiatt is also a Diocese of San Diego Safe Environments Authorized, Background-Checked, Local Catholic.
  • We’re referred, and have already worked with DOZENS of our diocesan parishes and schools, providing many of our great services.
  • Your images can be shown on Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ and also shared on YOUR website and social media like Facebook, etc.
  • These images help prospective new parents and parishioners find and research your organization. We put your best foot forward!

Call (858) 877-3733 to schedule a photoshoot, and let the magic begin!

  • We’ll take 20 tour images (can be shared between parish and school on same property).
  • We’ll edit each tour image to remove private information (such as students’ names on desks).
  • We’ll optimize each image for light, clarity and ambiance.
  • We’ll direct you in embedding all of the tours into your website (limited only to the capability of your site).
  • We’ll share with you our recommended best practices on how to promote your online tours.
  • CRITICAL: We’ll review your Google Maps school or parish listing, and make any necessary changes. This can include changing your photos, name, category, address, phone, website, pin-point location, etc. Because we’re Level 5 Guides with more than 735 points, our changes are accepted by Google Maps almost instantly, versus a public change which can require multiple-person verifications and a lengthy waiting period. If you’re on LinkedIn, you NEED to read this.

Your Total Investment, when you use a $500 referral coupon from one of our existing tour clients, is just $975 upon our arrival, and another $975 when we’ve finished uploading all optimized images. You will also receive a $500 virtual tour coupon that you can share with another school or parish!