St. Charles Borromeo Parish invites families to become parishioners!

Vibrant parish with a 70-year history in north Kansas City, Missouri, has a great invitation for families, couples and individuals in the area…

“Hi I’m Father Don Farnan, Pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Gladstone, Missouri.

I’m glad to encounter so many enthusiastic parishioners and visitors to our parish who know a little bit about our history and want to be a part of our future.

St. Charles was established in the 1940s, so it’s had quite a lengthy history, and we’re in our 70th year right now.

A lot of that history was in times of growth. And in the northland area in Kansas City this was a flagship parish — thousand kids at the school — masses so many of them they’d have the upstairs or in the church hall as well — bursting at the seams.

We go through some dry times too, and like a roller coaster ride we’re up and we’re down. Unfortunately the last decade we’ve been through a down time.

But I’m so excited and so blessed to be a part of St. Charles Parish because I think that we can build this church up again.

There’s an incredible revitalization effort that is happening in our community. And I think that we’ve got so much to offer and I think because of the rich history of this community of faith, we could be the touchstones for many people.

I’d loved to have you stop by and be a part of our community, to join the parish, to be a part of our revitalization, and to help St. Charles Borromeo Parish continue it’s good work here in Northland.

I hope to see you in church.”

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