Sacred Heart Catholic Church engages Faith in Marketing

Fr. Michael F. Murphy, long-time Pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in gorgeous Coronado, California, has engaged Faith in Marketing to provide a variety of modern marketing and communications services for the church.

The historic parish celebrated its first Mass in 1887 (130 years ago!) — a full year before the town was incorporated. Sacred Heart also pre-dates the world-famous Hotel del Coronado, and continues to be a major focal point within the Island of Coronado.

Sacred Heart is located at 7th Street & C Avenue, immediately adjacent to the always-popular Spreckles Park, a hotspot for families, summertime concert series and major community activities. The island is home to 25,000 residents and hosts millions of visitors each year.

“This is an exciting project for Faith in Marketing,” said Thom Hiatt, co-owner of the communications agency. “It’s incredible fun to work in and around such historic structures, and to showcase them in a modern way to community members of all ages and backgrounds.”

Melissa Hiatt, lead designer and developer for Faith in Marketing added, “Each parish that we work with us unique and has its own character. It is always our goal to showcase the unique characteristics that are meaningful to the parish community, and provide a lasting product that builds enthusiasm and attracts new families to participate in our faith.”

Faith in Marketing works exclusively for Catholic Churches, Schools, Diocesan Offices, and organizations led by faith-filled leaders. To discuss our website, mobile, app, virtual tour, video, mailing, design, printing and social media services, please call (858) 877-3733.

We sincerely thank the parish community and staff of Sacred Heart Catholic Church for the opportunity to serve you.