Reviving a brand: The San Diego Quilt Show

The San Diego Quilt Show (SDQS) will be hosting it’s 32nd annual quilt show this September. SDQS had challenges — their attendance was dwindling and they needed a more wide-ranging audience. Board members of the SDQS contacted TwinBees to develop a vibrant, modern logo that represents the Quilt Show as a destination, and to attract a younger age group. As luck would have it, I am a hobbyist quilter, so it was a perfect fit.

The former logo was a blue quilt block that with no identifiable text. Perhaps, only the blue tones hint that the quilt show takes place in San Diego.

The new logo retains a traditional quilt pattern, yet adds a “starburst” pattern to represent the San Diego sun we know and love. A Mexican fan palm silhouette and wave “stitches” let attendees know they’re going to have a great time in San Diego. In general, the colors have been updated to reflect the sun, sand and surf that San Diego is known for.


The quilt show is now ready to enter a new era. Their materials will stand out above the rest, and the organization will begin to attract an larger audience.

With the logo completed, we are developing a new website, promotional handouts, and much more.

Congratulations to the Board Members and friends of the San Diego Quilt Show!