Change your iPhone email signature!

In 2007, it was cool to let people know that you sent a message from your iPhone. The email program’s default signature helped you accomplish that mission.

Today, the default “Sent from my iPhone” email signature shows one of three things:

  1. You didn’t know you COULD change it.
  2. You still think it’s cool that you are sending a message from your iPhone and you want other people to think you are cool, too.
  3. You don’t know HOW to change it.

We think you should replace the default signature with your own personal touch. Here’s how:

  • Touch “Settings”
  • Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  • Scroll down and touch “Signature”
  • Push the “Clear” button
  • Type your name, title, company, phone, etc.

Now exit from Settings. Next time you send an email, your new, more professional signature will be included!

Hurray for progress!

P.S. Use these settings on your iPad, too!