Free Tools for Processing Text

Smart people like you often find themselves fixing common problems with text: removing duplicate lines, removing line breaks, and so on.

In our office, we regularly copy text from PDF files, with plans to use that text on the web, in news posts, etc. However, PDFs are PACKED of unintentional line breaks that really mess up the flow of the text. Manually removing those extra breaks is extremely time consuming. So, instead we use TextFixer’s “Remove Line Breaks” tool.

Another two favorites are “Alphabetize Order” and “Capitalize.” With Alphabetize, you can paste in a ton of words, and the tool will turn them into an alphabetized list… great for names, etc. Capitalize will fix common mistakes with capital letters.

They’ve got a lot of great tools, all of which are free and work right on their website. (If you like the page, bookmark it by pressing Control+D or Option+D on the Mac.

Check out the list below, and start saving time today!

The Most Popular Tools

The Newest Tools