We recommend that you store documents in a free Google Drive folder. Drive is a fantastic resource for storing and accessing just about any type of file, including PDFs, Word & Excel files, large JPGs and more. Files and folders that you store in Drive can be private, shared with colleagues, or open to the public. For example, you can maintain a private folder of financial and staff documents, while your public folder might contain the latest church bulletins and promotional flyers.

If you already have a Gmail account for your organization, then you’re all set. Just head over to Drive…

Or grab a free Google Drive account at drive.google.com — it usually comes with at least 15 gigabytes of free storage. Plus, Drive optimizes your files for lightning fast downloading.

It’s easy to share your Google Drive documents on your website:

  1. Inside of Drive, click NEW and upload your file from your computer into Google Drive
  2. Once the file is in Google Drive, right-click on the file and choose “get sharable link”
  3. Copy the link (CNTL+C) into memory
  4. Go back to your website page, and paste the copied link where you would like to access the document.
Right click the file and choose “get sharable link”


Copy the file link into computer memory. Then use that link in your web page.