Virtual Location Technology

We’re extremely excited to showcase one of our recently launched web sites. Stor-A-Lot Self Storage is a leading storage company in southern California, with FOUR great locations, professional management, and a long list of valuable amenities.

Twin Bees overhauled the original web site, created an upbeat welcome video, printed matching materials, and more importantly, the company is attracting prospective customers from dozens of nearby communities.

The new web site works hand-in-hand with search engines, it functions wonderfully on mobile phones, and offers more than FIFTY virtual locations for customers searching for “self storage” within their own community.

“Our VIRTUAL LOCATION TECHNOLOGY is perfect for field service businesses like contractors, tile installers, painters, roofers, photographers, refrigerator repairmen, and kitchen remodellers,” said Melissa Hiatt, Director of Creative Services at Twin Bees. “If you are a caterer, sunroom installer, pavement contractor, or landscaper… you need this.”

Virtual Locations allow a business to have dozens, if not hundreds, of unique micro-web-sites dedicated to nearby cities, landmarks, and community names around the county / world. For example, a Daley Ranch resident searching for “Daley Ranch kitchen remodeling” has a much better chance of finding you than if your site is fixed to “San Diego Kitchen Remodeling” which could have MANY dozens of direct competitors.

It takes about 25 SECONDS to create a new location web page with its own location-specific title, and a location-specific web address. Plus, Google will usually pick it up within 24 hours!

Mr. Michael Blasi, Owner, said, “We are thrilled with our new web site, video, and matching business cards. The self-storage industry is quite competitive, and we wanted to take swift action to create a technologically-advanced website that has the opportunity to capture prospective customers in and around the 50+ communities we serve. Twin Bees met with us, provided a creative strategy, and delivered much more than they promised.”

He added, “During the entire process, Thom took the time to clearly explain all aspects of the project in way that makes sense to the average person. In a way, it feels like I took some college courses about the internet and marketing! I have already referred friends to Twin Bees, and we look forward to a long-term business relationship with them.”