Tech Seminar Notes


Web Site Visitor Analysis

  • You’ve built a pretty web site. You promote your site. Now what?
    • How many visitors do I get?
    • Where do they come from?
    • What are they looking at?
    • What keywords got them there?
    • How many pages do they look at?
    • How long did they stick around
  • How does it work?
    • Install snippet of code on web pages
    • Weekly or Monthly Reports Emailed to you
  • Analyze your reports and change your marketing or your web site as necessary.
  • Go to and sign up for a free account. Follow the steps to get the code. Install the code on each page of your site as instructed.

Computer Viruses with Jerry Kay

  • How to Avoid Catching a Virus
    • Websites you shouldn’t visit. You know what you shouldn’t visit.
    • Attachments / Links you shouldn’t open. If you’re not expecting it. Don’t open it.
    • Email Pre-View in HTML Mode. HTML showing images will expose you to viruses.
    • Keep virus definitions updated! When your anti-virus program asks you to update your definitions, do it. This should happen each time you turn on your computer.
  • Recommended Software (and what NOT to use)
    • Malwarebytes (Google “MBAM”). Download this program and run it to clean your drive if you feel you have been infected.
    • Norton, McAfee, etc. These are usually resource hogs. They slow down your computer and often don’t protect you. Use the free version of Grisoft’s AVG Anti-Virus.
  • Steps to take if you suspect you’ve been infected
    • Try to use your anti-virus program to run a full-scan on your drive.
    • Download and run Malwarebytes.
    • Use a computer repair shop (or Jerry Kay’s Little Red Toolbox). They will put your drive into a clean computer, and use the clean computer to clean your infected drive.


  • Marketing to Prospects is different from Marketing to Customers
  • You reach prospects through mass media radio, cable, web display ads, keywords, etc.
  • Reaching existing customers is simply a matter of staying in touch with them, keeping them updated and informed.
  • Most of your business comes from repeat business and referrals. So most of your energy should go into keeping those people happy and informed.
  • Reach existing customers through direct mail & postcards, invoice inserts, phone calls, events & parties, and email marketing.
  • Email Marketing is easy, professional-looking, fast, extremely low-cost, and fully measurable. You can see who opened your messages, and what they clicked on.
  • Get a free trial account from Constant Contact’s Business Partner, TBC. Get it here.
  • Upload your existing customer database. Free trial limits you to 100 email addresses uploaded.
  • Use one of many standard templates, or create your own custom template that exactly matches the look and feel of your business / web site.
  • Split up your contacts to create separate target markets: For example, Cruises, Tours, Safari’s, local Staycations.
  • Program the messages to go out in the future, on a certain day at a specific time. Best time is often Tuesday or Thursday at 10 a.m. (1PM EASTERN TIME)
  • Copy your message from month-to-month, then just edit. No need to start over each time.
  • TBC will set you up with a free trial. If you use our business partner link to start your trial, AND if you stay on board after your trial, we will give you a $10 Starbucks gift card! You will get the same high-quality product from Constant Contact, AND you will also be able to call us for help.


  • Social networking is everywhere. First there were chat rooms. Then there was MySpace. Now there are dozens of great resources. Two most used today are twitter and facebook.
  • 500 Million Users of Facebook world wide
  • People set up personal pages. Business set up business pages.
  • You become a friend of a person. But you “like” a business or organization.
  • Use a business page for your business so that you are not sharing your personal information with random people who just happen to like your business. They do not need to see your family photos and home address, etc!
  • Set up your own business page.
    • Go to and click on “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.”
    • Follow the simple steps to set up, and you’re ready to roll.
    • Add details like your photo, contact info, hours, web site, etc.
    • Dive in further by adding product photos, movies, etc.
    • Add other tabs like Notes, Events, Discussions, Reviews, etc.
  • Getting people to “like” your business
    • Like it yourself.
    • Post links on your personal page that go to your business page update.
    • Your own friends may begin to “like” you, too.
    • When other people “like” or “comment” on your business page and business updates, those people’s friends may also click to see your business and they might “like” it, too.
    • Put your facebook link in your email, on your web site, on your printed literature, on your eNewsletters, etc. TBC’s facebook page is
  • Use it. Businesses should add to their facebook page at least once a week. It only takes ten seconds. Maybe offer a weekly special. Or share industry news. Keep it short and sweet.
    • The frequency depends on your business. Updates every day may be too much, or annoying to your followers.
    • Style. Remember that facebook is on a more personal, one-on-one, level with your customers and friends. So it should be a little more “conversational.” But it shouldn’t be too laid back. You still must remain professional and maintain your brand and business identity.
  • Paid advertising. Customize every single facet of your ad including image, headline, description, geography, gender, age, interests, timing, cost per click, budget, etc.
    • You can link to your facebook page, or your web site. Make sure your ad clicks to the appropriate page of your web site. You may even want to make a special page just for facebook visitors.
    • You can set up as many ads as you wish. For example, if you are in the travel business, you can set up one for cruise specials, one for African Safaris, and one for kayaking adventures…. all targeting different people… and all pointing at different pages of your web site.

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