Teaching the Teachers: Faith in Marketing chosen for Catholic Schools

Faith in Marketing, the leading full-service marketing agency for Catholic schools, parishes and and diocesan offices, has been selected to present Marketing 101 and Communications Best Practices to a large group of Catholic school principals in Southern California.

“I am a Catholic school graduate and a Catholic school parent, so I get it,” said Thom Hiatt, co-owner of Faith in Marketing. “Every week we see first-hand the opportunities that our Catholic schools have in communicating their unique selling proposition to community members, prospective families, and even to current school parents and parishioners.”

Melissa Hiatt with Faith in Marketing and also a Catholic school graduate/parent added, “Our goals aren’t complicated. We work hard to build school morale and increase enrollment. Catholic schools have so much to offer that public schools simply can’t touch — or aren’t ALLOWED to touch. Our job is to creatively communicate these elements to the right people.”

“The short-term goal is to enroll new students,” said Thom. “The long-term goal is for those students (and their future children) to live a full life of faith and be active in the Catholic Church for decades to come. That starts in Catholic school today.

Faith in Marketing works with Catholic schools throughout the United States. Call (858) 877-3733.