Squoosh Your Images!

Before you add an image to your website, you should reduce it’s natural size for a much better user experience. Today’s modern cameras and phones take incredibly good photos that are very high resolution. One quick photo can easily be 4 to 20 megabytes. That’s way too big for the web. A large photo takes too long to download, and causes your user to wait and get frustrated. Not good.

So we encourage you to reduce your images to below 100kb in size, using a free and safe website from Google called Squoosh.app — drag your photo directly onto the web page, and simply:

  • Resize your image to 1000 pixels (for example) wide.
  • From the Compress drop-down, choose Browser JPEG.
  • Adjust the image quality to 70% (a big reduction that is undetectable by most people).
  • Click the blue download button to save a more efficient copy of your image to your device. This is the image you will use on your website.
  • (Note that your original high-resolution image is still safe on your computer and in it’s original location.)

The cute image below began at 3924 pixels wide, 100% quality, and 2.5 megabytes. The new image that you see is 1000 pixels wide, 70% quality, and just 40 kilobytes — a staggering 98% smaller file size — yet it looks fantastic and loads quickly!