Site Launch for Stor-a-Lot Self Storage

All of us at Twin Bees are excited to show off the new website for Stor-a-Lot Self Storage:

“We are thrilled with our new web site, video, and matching business cards,” said Mr. Michael Blasi, Owner of Stor-A-Lot Self Storage facilities. “The self-storage industry is quite competitive, and we wanted to take swift action to create a technologically-advanced website that has the opportunity to capture prospective customers in and around the 50+ communities we serve. Twin Bees met with us, provided a creative strategy, and delivered much more than they promised.”

The Project Included

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • The latest Content Management Technology
  • Use of Twin Bees In-House Technologies
  • Development of more than 500 pages
  • Professional Video Production
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques to reach the 50+ communities supported
  • A mobile version for ease-of-use use with android and iPhone handsets
  • Business Card Design & Printing
While building the back-end of the web site, Twin Bees used its own in-house technology to create features unavailable in other web site software and content management systems. “We wanted it to be extremely fast and easy for Mr. Blasi to create new service locations,” said Melissa Hiatt, Twin Bees’ Director of Digital Design. “It takes about 35 seconds to add a new location or service area to his website. Each location includes multiple web pages: about, amenities, contact, articles, photos, testimonials, and more!”
“And that’s critical for Search Engine Optimization,” said Thom Hiatt, owner of Twin Bees. “If I live in Vista Santa Rosa and I need Self Storage, then I am going to Google ‘Vista Santa Rosa Self Storage‘ and I want to find a web page with the same name. This site does that.”
Melissa added, “Our technology is perfect for any company that is VIRTUAL, or does most of it’s work in the field. In other words, a company that does not usually have customers visiting its main offices.”
Imagine there’s a company in Los Angeles, CA that installs SUNROOMS on homes. Let’s say their name is Los Angeles Sunroom Company. They may serve the entire county of nearly 10 million residents. And there’s a good chance that customers in Oxnard, Pasadena, Hollywood might want to use them. Our system allows their website to have entire sections named
  • Oxnard Sunrooms
  • Pasadena Sunrooms
  • Hollywood Sunrooms
  • and so on for every one of 200 cities and communities in the area!
It’s the perfect solution for
  • Remodeling Company
  • Limousine
  • Painter
  • Handy Man
  • Window Installer
  • Mobile Disc Jockey
  • Any business that does not generally have customers visit the main office, and where the work is performed in the field
Mr. Blasi added, “During the entire process, Thom Hiatt took the time to clearly explain all aspects of the project in way that makes sense to the average person. In a way, it feels like I took some college courses about the internet and marketing! I have already referred friends to Twin Bees, and we look forward to a long-term business relationship with Thom, Melissa and everybody at Twin Bees.”
When you (or a friend) need help with your website, videos, graphic design, printing, logos & branding, or any other marketing, please call Twin Bees at 858-877-3733. We’ve created happy customers all over the United States since 2003.