School Parent describes Holy Trinity School as a “Family”

Elicia is a parent of three students at Holy Trinity School in El Cajon, California. She’s also an early 2000s graduate of the same Catholic school! In this brief new video, she highlights a number of differences between public and private school, especially the “family” atmosphere that is so important to her.

Thom Hiatt, the founder of Faith in Marketing and producer of the video said, “I LOVE to sit down and visit with school parents, especially on camera. None of it is scripted. We just talk about our kids, about school, and whatever comes to mind…”

“We can relate with the parents,” Melissa Hiatt said. “We’re also Catholic school parents, so we feel a lot of the same emotions.”

“Our conversations are real. They’re raw. And genuine. I hear the good — and sometimes the bad. But every time I meet a new Catholic school parent, it’s clear they would choose nothing less than Catholic education for their children,” said Thom.

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