Quick Access to Unread E-News

gmail-inboxIf you use Constant Contact to reach your customers and prospects, this may be helpful for you.

TwinBees created a link and QR code that you can share with your Gmail-using contacts, either electronically or in print. By clicking the link or scanning the code, they will see a list of all of their unread e-newsletters (including yours) sent through the Constant Contact server.

What’s the reasoning?

Well, many companies like yours use services like Constant Contact to send bulk email and track results. At the same time, Gmail has been working hard to clean up its users’ inboxes. For example, bulk marketing messages now go into Gmail’s new “Promotions” inbox rather than the user’s Main / Primary inbox. Unfortunately, this can keep your bulk emails away from your customer’s eyeballs.

So we’re working to help you stay in front of those contacts. The link and QR are below. Feel free to use them as you wish. Both do the same thing: Opens a window of Unread Constant Contact messages in Gmail.