New APP Launch for Corpus Christi in Aliso Viejo

Corpus Christi Catholic Christian Community in Aliso Viejo, California, today launched their new APP for mobile — produced by Faith in Marketing.

“Our mobile APPs are built into the mobile-friendly websites we produce for churches and schools,” said Thom Hiatt, owner of Faith in Marketing.

“Not only is it attractive and easy to use, but it’s so much easier for the client to manage,” said co-owner, Melissa Hiatt. “It’s so easy — there’s literally NOTHING extra the client has to do. Ever,” she added.

Traditional stand-alone apps are not optimal for churches and schools for many reasons:

  • They usually require a monthly fee, and a multi-year contract, and after the contract you still don’t own it.
  • You have to put quite a bit of effort into convincing people to download them and install them and then use them.
  • It forces the manager to have two entirely separate places to update content, add bulletins, etc. And that’s a waste of time.
  • Often times, you cannot track users’ activity.

APPs produced by Faith in Marketing are the best choice because:

  • They are included free with the new, custom, mobile-friendly websites we build.
  • There’s nothing to download. Users simply visit your website address and it just works. And they can easily save a shortcut on their phone’s home screen.
  • All 12 icons can quickly and easily be changed to link users to any online content. The background image can be changed as often as you wish.
  • We can track how many people use your APP each day, week, month and year. PLUS, we know which buttons are most popular, and which are being ignored, so you can modify the buttons to fit your needs.

Plus we have new features coming to our APPs including:

  • Notifications sent to users (i.e. new articles, new events, new homilies, etc.)
  • Online donations (already available via simple PayPal links)
  • Much more!

Call Faith in Marketing at (858) 877-FREE and get your new APP free today.