Man Follows Dreams

Six days ago, Mr. Jan Wagner attended a photography seminar produced by AR Event Photography and TBC. At the seminar, Jan heard my segment about “using your talent and starting a business.” Since then, he has:

• completed a one-hour consultation with Thom Hiatt at TBC
• developed his business name
• improved his voicemail presence
• created a facebook page to feature his work
• hired TBC to design double-sided flyers to showcase his best pics
• asked TBC to produce matching double-sided business cards
• purchased 1000 business cards and magazine-quality flyers
• been on a radio show telling auto-enthusiasts about his photography business
• scheduled a presentation in front of 50+ prospective customers, to pitch his services
• and much more

Jan is no novice. He’s been taking pro pics for decades. But now his new marketing efforts can take his talent to the next level.

I love a good take-action story. And I enjoy seeing a person follow his or her dreams. Jan, on behalf of the entire team at TBC, I would like to personally congratulate you on your many accomplishments this past week. Keep up the good work. And best of luck as your business continues to grow.

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