Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions & Best Practices

What are the preferred dimensions for my Facebook Cover Photo?

There are two main images on your facebook page:

  1. Profile Photo
  2. Cover Photo

avatarYour Profile Photo is usually an image of your pretty face. But could be your company’s logo, etc. This image should be saved as a PNG file with dimensions of 180 x 180. And the LIVE graphics should not exceed 160 x 160. In other words, design whatever you like, but don’t let the important stuff get too close to the edge. Try to stay 20 pixels away from all sides.

fb-cover-sizeCover Photos on facebook should be exactly 851 pixels wide X 315 pixels tall.

WARNING: If you use an image that’s smaller than what’s recommended, your pic will be stretched (not good) to the larger, preferred size. Please please please don’t do this. But if you are completely ignoring sizes, keep in mind that the image you upload absolutely must be at least 399 pixels wide by a minimum of 150 pixels tall… or it simply won’t work at all.

As far as formats go, try to save your image in the sRGB file format, and less than 100kb in size. The best overall resolution is going to come from a PNG file. But like all things, your situation could very well be different and you may want to experiment with a variety of formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.) and image quality levels (70% minimum).