Now you can send custom direct mail that’s different for each person in your database!

You’ve sent mail like postcards, newsletters, and catalogs to your clients. Every piece is the same. All 10,000 of them. The headline reads, “The most comfortable shoes in San Diego!”

Well, let’s say one of your customers is Sally. Sally lives in Scripps Ranch. She hasn’t visited your store since October, and you know that she loves strappy stiletto heel shoes.

Now, imagine sending a beautiful mailer that says, “Sally will soon have the best Stiletto Heels in Scripps Ranch!” Down below it says, “We haven’t seen you since October and wanted to invite you to our Summer Extravaganza where you can preview our amazing Brand Name strappy stiletto heels.” And the large image shown is of the stiletto heel shoes!

Another mailer to Mike in Chula Vista describes his favorite work boots or running shoes and shows a picture of those shoes – not stiletto heels!

The point is that each and every mailer is custom-printed for the customer, one by one, and for just a little higher price than typical printing.

Today, staying in touch with your customers is key, and customization is king. The digital printing process allows each printed piece to have custom text, custom images, and more, even a picture of the customer’s face!

Let our direct mail professionals quote your next design and printing project. You’d be surprised how affordable a custom piece can be!