Connecting Constant Contact to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media


  1. Install JetPack on your WordPress Site (this allows the following steps)
  2. Within JetPack, activate Email > Post and capture the unique email address provided (this allows you to send an email that will publish to your site as a Post)
  3. Within JetPack, activate Social Media publishing and connect your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts (this allows your site Post to publish automatically to your chosen social media pages)
  4. Within your Constant Contact account, create a new List named “News” and add the unique email address mentioned above as a New Contact.
  5. In Constant Contact, create a newsletter and schedule it send to your “News” list.
  6. When that newsletter sends, it will post to your WordPress site as a new Post, and it will publish to your connected social media.

The bigger benefit here is that an organization could also (in step #5) send the same newsletter to its “Members” list. This way, the same message will go to:

  • Members
  • News
  • WordPress as a Post
  • Facebook as a Post
  • Twitter as a post
  • Etc.

This could be used as an emergency contact method to reach everybody in all ways at the same time. The only downside is the 5-10 minute delay forced by Constant Contact when sending the message.

UPDATE: The message sent from Constant Contact is not posting to WordPress. Seems as though Jetpack is blocking the message. We’ve written to Jetpack Support. Stay tuned.