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Mr. Rodrigo Valdivia, Chancellor:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. thank you for coming here this morning my name is Rodrigo Validvia, I serve as Chancellor here in the diocese and it’s my privilege to welcome you to the conference this morning. we’d like to begin with a brief prayer and so I’ve invited Sister Carlotta DiLorenzo director of the Office for Permanent Diaconate to lead us in a brief prayer.

Sister Carlotta DiLorenzo:

Let us begin with a moment of silence and gratitude. And so we began in the presence of God and one another to welcome into our presence and prayer the sixth Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego. today we ask for him every blessing of the wisdom of the spirit the humanity of the Son and a loving care of the Father today we ask for the Diocese of San Diego a full communion of love of God and love of neighbor creating within our diocese the hope and peace for which this world longs. Amen

Mr. Valdivia:

Thank you, Sister. Now I will ask Monsignor Steve Callahan who has served as the diocesan administrator for the past six months to come up.

Msgr. Steve Callahan:

Good morning. I’m happy to announce that I at noon today in Rome Pope Francis appointed Bishop Robert W. McElroy as six dishes San Diego he said McElroy who was born in sentences Co in nineteen fifty four as a fifth generation San Franciscan decent man who I knew that Tori was ten years old and in the city then his family moved to curling team feeling called to the priesthood in the Santos a seminary in Mountain view to begin his high school years for college he decided to pursue his studies outside the seminary system so he went to Harvard University in nineteen seventy two in three years later and his bachelor’s degree in history then he went to Stanford University where in nineteen ninety six he earned a master’s degree in history then re re entered the seminary in the fall of nineteen seventy six at St Seminary in Menlo Park he was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco in nineteen eighty after a few years in Paris and then diocesan assignment Karen and to graduate studies in the field Catholic social teaching attaining I sent it in theology Winchester school of theology in Berkeley and a doctorate in moral theology Tulane University in Rome in a doctorate in political science from Stanford he returned to Paris ministry in nineteen eighty nine in San Francisco and then he was appointed vicar general of the Archdiocese in nineteen ninety five pastor on their shoes and the detail in nineteen ninety six where he served for fifteen years listen to her I was ordained in its own invention of the Archdiocese of San Francisco September’s that in two thousand and ten he served as the artist diocesan bigger the parish life in development until his appointment to see in Quito this is Natalie will be formally installed as the sixth Bishop of San Diego the mass to be celebrated on Wednesday April 15th at one o’clock pm at St Therese of Carmel parish I joined dishes from Bishop child as priests deacons and lay faithful in welcoming the issue not going to this Episcopal ministry in San Diego

Bishop McElroy, Welcome in English:

Thank you. It’s great to be a San Diegan, and I never thought I’d say this but it’s great to be a Southern Californian. It’s hard for a San Franciscan to say that, but it is a joy to be it is beautiful thanks for the beautiful career which began today reason our spirits to God and I also wanna thank Monsignor Callahan for the role that he has exercised as administrator of this diocese in the very difficult time after worship service this debt it was recess I know bishops are alone is with us in prayer this day on behalf of his diocese a minute and in particular also wanna thank Bishop wrong for all the work of the labor and the sacrifice of the ministry which he undertook is the Bishop of San Diego and made such a wonderful foundation for all that isn’t all that will be to come and I hope to build on a collaboration with the leadership the priests and the people to St Ives this year

Bishop McElroy, Welcome in Spanish.

Bishop, Continues in English:

income mean the city a go it brings to my mind of my heart many joys I experienced growing up because my family used to come here for vacation and I remember in countering then and encountered a very much deeper way today all of the graces lie around us this beautiful which are assigned to us is a local church it is a region is a society the presence of God and of the call call to go on in the beauty of this place is Theo this we see that created gone given to us creation billboard has it ups bestowed on us all as a greased place this week it’s such a beautiful the beauty of God here once all around us the day and that is the source of constant away and Thanksgiving for this LO to share the mission is a symbol that is this diocese and the whole region historically for the region as a whole and is a place of fate is a community of the country it is the sign to give the year in which fathers Sarah will be canonized it is the side of the sacrifice of men and women need to preach the gospel and to build a church here and to build a society quoted in the face Jesus Christ the mission is also assigned to us the need to support the Native American communities in our midst in this diocese in our country is a whole then is a reminder to us the tendency to come either within the life of a church tonight marginalization of her in a way that is harmful to men read it here on the board which is the link it brings all of the Americas to get we are the new work all of us together North America South in the border is a reminder to us of who we are as a nation we are people and immigrants and have always been immigration is the vitality of our nation is the source of strength in its diversity and all the richness and beauty that make us the people of Papua is America you know there was a great historical debate United States what makes America different in the absence of that debate fundamentally many years ago was that we are a people down together not by July we’re a people bound together in the many different places that we have come from by say twenty years it is freedom justice and that it all the border is a reminder to us what we are called to be in our weaknesses are that we sometimes fall short in how we deal with immigrants and how we must flee to confront the issues of immigration a result of justice and have comprehensive immigration reform that would do that in the borders also to us a continuing signed a vitality of our union with all the people there in a great sense that God has given to us all of us are called to be brothers and sisters we have the beauty of the day that they would laugh originally the Europeans to come to this place claiming that they would do us all now the global society that has emerged in the age in which we live to the peoples of the Pacific the immigrants who come from the Pacific and four such a rich part of our diocese here in San Diego and also the Bay is assigned to us of the historic placement here so many American military men and women who served our nation in order to make the cause of freedom possible and realized in the world in which he did continuing commitment they have respect of this we are called to be part of a global we are called to understand this people of faith that people of justice as children of the one God we are called to see ourselves in solidarity with all of the peoples yes Commerce together that it reaches all it more to build understanding to build an international order which truly speaks justice and freedom it the universities which exist in our midst and they are a great sign there were any young people looking to learn to grow into mature into question into pro come to a fuller understanding all the world that God has created for all of us has gifted calls this the users businesses universities of this guy R US stores technological innovation and new knowledge but more importantly they are a source the human minds and hearts of school reflecting what the world is in even more importantly in costs when the world by me and the Imperial Valley in that green reach place of Agriculture which teaches us of our historic role in California to feed the world tsk tsk in to see the world in a sustainable way which owners the environment in the creation of this all around us we see these blessings all around us received the call of God to be more and more people if they can put the gospel into practice teach the next generation this year is the fiftieth anniversary of the conclusion of the second Vatican Council and the council others in the church said that we have very beautiful images of the church who are called to be one of the most beautiful was the church is called the sacrament that is signed the gospel all along in our strengths and weaknesses and the like are called to reflect the essence in Catholic theology of these Egypt’s one ball and one hopefully you do the best of the can in our to imitate the person Jesus Christ until about the virtues of Lord himself of kindness and compassion and mercy and sacrifice the integrity of purpose a whole lot and in doing so in living out his perch to a noble world in which we did this is the call of the church to the sacrament in the war to the sacrament in this region of Sudan Diego County this is the call of the church to keep people up go again walking not understand exactly where God is the team the understanding that a long list of the and we follow the path that God has changed we will grow with grace and grow with you it can grow making this wonderful world of creation this wonderful region which the grace place even more fully than it is now and so it is with Rachel that I come to this place so filled with richness and blossoms so filled with a history of sacrifices in the light of the church built up this ecclesial community in built up a society of this region which the I give thanks to God thanks to the Holy Father for this appointment which I am most grateful I give thanks to my parents my cam reasoning gave me the gift of grace so much more I give thanks to all human and I will be best to find try to move on and that’s it going to be a certainty to be someone who listens someone who comes to understand and love evermore this beautiful diocese in ever more fully this research papers wonderful life community thank you

Questions from the Audience:

it go primary school coming all are I see the first one is to know what I don’t know that is when I was in the seminary and they taught us know what the pastor should do and coming into a Paris the first school they taught us was do nothing for a year learn about your parish and your people and come to love and understand them as best you can and then that and so that the first priority I would have is to come to know and understand the people of this creek diocese in its history its culture tradition and how it functions as a community of faith with the strengths and weaknesses with the hopes and aspirations of the people secondly in learning about them come to love because that’s my and my first goal was to pastor don’t know and understand and love the people whom I’m called to serve. and only then am I going to have many priorities and all I would say in a wider context it is this to help people understand the call of God as it comes to them. Pope Francis has been enormously helpful three up he gave a talk about two weeks ago to the Cardinals and has created you are and he said there is within the church attention that tendency on the one hand to be exclusive to focus on the truth in the way they can exclude and on the other hand to be inclusive to be reinstated he said it’s really important that the Turkish be one of inclusion and reinstate that that is our first day because that was just the price when we look to Jesus in the gospel and say how did Jesus uphold those who were heard and those of you he did not do it first and foremost in ICT teach moral teachings rather he came to those who read me we embrace the falafel up he healed in there and then he spoke with them about the challenge of reforming the law is in this order the church I think is a whole to reach out and to top that the Pope said in a speech there’s a tension between caring about using the state in the call to save saving the lost he said saving the loss must be the first priority pecans in a very real way all of us in our lives on the stairs at times or watch one of the most beautiful passages in the gospel is that Jesus’ parable when he speaks of the chapter he said the corner chapter would go out and leave the ninety nine she behind him her to go after the one that is lost not have to say this is one of those parables like considered not believe so many years ago when I was in parish work I got called to give the last rites two of them and then a professional shopper Jews live in Redwood City at the time in my parish that he had been in the Basque country the data from the Society of professional Shepherd I said to him isn’t likely a Polish are sensible Shepherd would do that leave behind a whole lot two after the one he said good Shepherd mind these are the reason the good Shepherd might do that is because when he brings back the one she had been found it on his show in the whole flock sees this the flop on this day he loves me personally and to be truly cares for me personally and individually in that very same way. and that is I believe what the Pope presses is trying to Orient to school he’s that kind of love and the white shirt which was must resonate outward and understand that all of us the Indymedia the mercy of God and that is the richest blessings we have ours not the dog comes to us when we do everything Colossians with us precisely by me and stands with us and helps us to get up go up in embraces us in love. 

the movie so it it well when things are coming to learn will be to come to learn how the schools in the Diocese of San Diego teach the Catholic faith to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and that’s all be attentive to wanting to know that occurs but I have every confidence that one night too look into that and visit the schools I will find that they are teaching the gospel of Christ their effectiveness right of every officer that’ll be the case and I’m looking forward to that tune in to meet in the school communities because it’s such an important nexus for that the preaching the gospel years up but I have every expectation that their caring now that task the present moment Pauline effectively find no reason to believe that two positives so

it it it they owe you well their situation I’m sure we would hope to be an advocate for the homeless in this diocese and in this region off we’ve when I was a pastor recently started her story would be deported from back East on end it was for homeless families and they would stay in various churches indeed move from place to place it received a huge church a group of families and provide meals and provide care and support and of course show which is most important and then be connected them to sum up programs to assist in them finding jobs in finding some of the service support along the way and when I began this in the parish where I was a pastor, the neighboring parishes had a difficulty in fact when they tried to bring his parish in the city Council passed a law to make it illegal to do so. so I am knowing this idea in preaching on it in the homilies in the Sunday when we introduced the program I said I get tired I preach the gospel of Jesus the birth of Christ who was himself homeless and I need some volunteers for this and we had 491 volunteers the program because people understand when they were quite likely the home of Christ himself was home he came into the world all plus another and so on investor prism I think we have to look on this this issue with this which is a complicated issue and has many dimensions to it it is not easily addressed supports of circumstances but it is something we have to wrestle with him did he say in our consciences we had our best to help every single person it her

though well one of the dilemma is do we have been in him that the Catholic Church his nap up our social teaching crosses the whole spectrum of the current partisan political divide that is in the crucial areas of Catholic teaching there are certain areas in which it tends to be the Republican candidates are Marshall on the agenda of the church and the teaching of the trip for example an abortion euthanasia religious liberty and then there’s a whole other spectrum of Catholic social teaching which is equally important on which the Democratic Party is more likely the support of the questions that of immigration question so awkward questions and the environment. so for us on one hand it’s difficult in that no political party and very few public officials who have partisan identities agree with the broad social teaching of the church are seeking to amend the other hand for us the people of the church it’s freeing in the sense because it avoids the temptation for us to ever be drawn into any alliance with any political partisan structure here in the United States because there is none which represents most holy Catholic social teaching was a dilemma but we just called to teach what we teach but with the sense that didn’t fall asleep right to form the consciences of men and women is as citizens and leaders of Paul says in the very difficult choice the vote in a way that best reflects this prospect at the

beach it early it here read or hear what you did it you all up on the excesses and says I’ve worked with the public policy arm and that’s one of the areas that I supervised now and protect the victim Hispanic community by the real challenge of immigration reform lies not within the Hispanic well within the wider community and what I have found most effective he said when those outside the Hispanic or the Filipino community which also that many undocumented up when the stories of the UN document are from first hand in hers to our wider community people understand with the new wilderness Park the issues that lie before us is a nation and the pathway we should pay so I think that’s the most effective way to do with it when people probably understand the issues of humanity’s interstate to so many working people let been here many years trying to raise their family make sacrifices doing everything right and yet must live in the shadows and what that means that when you’re driving down the street you are always fear when you go to the work you don’t know the to your mother father will know these attractions and that’s why comprehensive immigration reform is absolutely necessary in our society and it’s crucial that we attain

it the remains of that it my mark you then the great tragedies of the church in the last fifty years has been Dorothy from the big prizes and that the abuse crisis exists firstly that the views exist and we have wrestled with that and are trying to steal wrestle with ice age there certain lessons we have to keep in mind one of them is we need to constantly reform our environments so that they maximize safety and security for children from Korea we’re doing everything we can and that means not just within our own environments schools and parishes to work but also in the larger environments of family life so we need to take to take as much actions we can terms of education in terms of structural reforms to advance that secondly we had never relax on that question we can never think we have done an up or that we have put it in the past it is a grey wounded like the picture the church is taken from and the steps to change the whole way that’s fun but we cannot relax in those efforts we cannot say we performed enough up the two transparency one of the crucial steps that the church school in United States was still fun this during most of the cheerleader for the charter in two thousand and two in most dioceses when allegations of sex abuse came up with facts were decided by priests or bishops ok and up on a watch that I’m pulled up to see the Cisco and knew he was a terrible system part because of the current quarter partly because of the priests and bishops to a newborn trained to do that so that consumers ago actually before the charter came out two years before that we instituted up and independently advisory board to do the pact find even recommend the movie decisions that should be made as a consequence of their fact finding precisely because we knew you needed people skilled in these appeals to the investigation when you needed a skilled people skilled in various fields of counseling so long for students these were on hand and to evaluate what needed to beat up and show I think that that always the most important reform alongside the notion that anyone was involved in the the use of a minor simply even one case cannot be allowed to be in ministry or employed in the diocese in terms of employment so I think those are the key reforms can I say a constant notion of vigilence going forward needs to be in place and that’s hard to sustain a time to review this is it

Mr. Valdivia:

Thank you very much. I thank you all for coming. during any individual reporters that what I have a duty to will be going to the side of the room. thank you

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