20 Ways a Gala can Help your Catholic School

Let’s party! Gala fundraising events are a lot of work to execute, but can be quite beneficial for the school in a variety if ways. Here are 20 investments that can be made in your school, using money raised at an annual gala:

  1. Broadcasting / Media Lab
  2. Security Fence or Cameras
  3. Robust Wi-Fi Network
  4. Computer Lab
  5. STEM / Technology Center
  6. Sports Complex & Sports Equipment
  7. Playground Equipment
  8. Art Lab or Science Lab
  9. Library Expansion
  10. Preschool Construction
  11. Landscaping & Hardscaping
  12. Solar Panels
  13. Bathroom Remodeling
  14. Exterior Decorative Lighting
  15. Music Instruments / Music Program
  16. Advanced Courses & Staff
  17. Language Programs
  18. Marketing & Enrollment Campaign
  19. Stations of the Cross
  20. Chapel Construction

When choosing a beneficiary program for your Gala, keep your audience in mind. What will parents and donors be willing to support? What is needed to improve the experience at your school? What “sounds good” and looks good as part of your promotional materials? Will you use the money to help the entire student body, or is this an effort that helps only a small group of students?

Will parents believe that your project is actually needed to improve the educational experience?

While it might be tempting to raise money for your general fund, so that you can use the money wherever you see fit, people are more likely to give toward a meaningful project that will come to fruition. They want to see the result and know in their heart they were part of the change and growth.

Would anybody really want to donate funds that will only buy new office paper and printer ink? No, that’s boring. On the other hand, it’s easy to imagine a Music Studio full of brand new guitars and saxophones that all students will enjoy for years to come.

While we all have big dreams, it’s best to make an attempt to be realistic. Is it possible for your school to raise the $10M you want for the new gymnasium? Or is a $165,000 project more in line with your giving community?

Raising money to benefit a niche item or small audience might not be a good idea. For example, a preschool parent may not want to donate toward a high-level software package that is used only by 8th graders!

It’s perfectly acceptable to raise funds that will help more than one program, with the intention of attracting different interests at the same time. For example, a gala can raise funds that will help to buy new sports equipment AND remodel the school library. Different people will give money for different reasons. You might really NEED money for a solar panel system, but you know parents will support Fine Arts. Your gala can collect money that will benefit both.

Remember… you don’t get what you don’t ask for! If you are authentically passionate about helping your students and families, do not ever be bashful about growing your school in the right direction(s), by asking for a meaningful and transformative gift.

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