Almost once a week we receive a call from a client or friend, telling us they’re thinking about changing their business or starting a business. Sometimes it has to do with a developing passion, or the nature of the economy. In either case, it is our pleasure to meet in person, confidentially, and discuss the options.*

If you are thinking about starting a business either to replace your current income, or to add a little bit to the side, keep these first steps in mind:

  • What exactly is your goal in starting the business? More time with the kids? More income? Control of your own calendar?
  • What will you sell or offer, and how is it different than what your competitors sell or offer?
  • What type of customer will purchase your product or service?
  • Do you have the expertise needed for the industry or type of business?
  • Will you work alone, with family, with friends, or a co-owner?
  • Do you need financing, and if so, will it come from savings, a bank loan, or investors?
  • Will you work from home, a new office space, or at the coffee shop?

With these basic questions answered, take steps to make your business legal and protect your name:

  • Purchase necessary web site domain names
  • File a fictitious business name with the county
  • Publish your business name in the newspaper as required
  • Establish your company as a corporation, then re-file your name with the county, and re-publish your new name
  • Establish a business bank account
  • Discuss business taxes with your accountant

Once you are legal, it’s time to rock n’ roll:

  • Develop your brand, colors, slogan, logo, etc.
  • Develop your web site, business card, brochure, and other marketing materials
  • Stock inventory or perfect your service process
  • Reach out to prospects and ask for the sale!
  • Evaluate and make changes as necessary.

*TBC does not provide legal or financial advice… please contact the appropriate professionals for this type of help.