This year’s theme is “Renewing Hope!” Our goal is to help you collect more than your assessment, FASTER, with extremely little effort on your part. Many of our Pastors report incredible collections, coming in faster than ever before, exceeding goals in WEEKS, not months, and we do almost all of the work for you!

We design, print, stuff and mail full-color Annual Catholic Appeal letters and diocesan brochures to your parishioners — then send a reminder packet six weeks later! Last year, we mailed 47,500 appeal letters for 13 parishes. Parishes love working with us because we do a GREAT job and we take the work off their shoulders.

Brand New Clients Receive

  • Parish Map showing concentrations of where your parishioners live… it’s fascinating! See a sample here. AND
  • Your choice of:
    1. Virtual Tour of your church and property (up to five spaces) and added to Google Maps. See a sample here. OR
    2. Full-Color, Custom-Designed 10-foot x 10-foot Parish Event Tent with your logo, parish colors, web address, etc, that you can use at parish events for years to come.

Pre-Existing Clients Receive

  • $100 credit when you refer a new parish to us for the 2021 ACA mailing.
  • You may receive unlimited $100 credits for making referrals who hire Faith in Marketing.
  • Thank you for your repeat business over the years! We work hard to make your campaigns successful.

SCHEDULE for 2021

  • Order your diocesan brochures. Please order DOUBLE your mailing list, because we send reminders! For example, if your database is 1500 households, please order 3000 brochures for Faith in Marketing to use in your mailings.
  • Begin ordering ACA stand-up signage here
  • JAN 1-22 — Send 6 parish photos (i.e. parish events, Masses, weddings, religious education, building projects) to — you can send these as JPG email attachments
  • JAN 1-22 — Send your pastor’s letter (single-spaced, and about 2/3 of a page, leaving some room for the pastor’s photo and signature to — a Word Doc is preferred
  • JAN 1-22 — Send your confidential parish mailing list to — an Excel or CSV file is preferred. Columns should be separated, for example: Family Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code. We will clean your list, and update addresses for folks who have moved recently.
  • JAN 1-22 — We will stop by your office to pick up your ACA brochures, enough for your mailing list X 2
  • JAN 18-22 — Approve our artwork/layout of your full-color letter and envelope
  • We are designing and printing custom external envelopes for your parish. We are printing your pastor’s letter on full-color, full-bleed, double-sided glossy & gorgeous paper. We are stuffing one letter and one ACA brochure into each parish envelope. Then we are addressing all of the envelopes.
  • FEB 11-12 — We will deliver your mail to the post office and cover all postage costs
  • FEB 13-14 — ACA rollout begins at most parishes
  • FEB 15/16 — Approximate date of mail arriving at parishioners’ homes
  • You begin receiving gifts from households. Be sure to keep an Excel list of donors’ addresses. The diocese will also be receiving gifts made online. You will want to ask the diocese for a list of these donors’ names and addresses.
  • Start drafting your reminder letter.
  • Reminder letter is due no later than March 12.
  • MARCH 8-12 — Send your updated mailing list (master list minus the donors) to Faith in Marketing
  • MARCH 8-12 — Your reminder letter is due to Faith in Marketing
  • MARCH 15-19 — We’re printing your reminder letters
  • MARCH 25-26 — Faith in Marketing will deliver your reminder letters to the post office
  • MARCH 29 — Approximate date of reminder letter arriving at parishioners’ homes. Easter Sunday is the following Sunday.

We have multi-year experience creating great success by working with local Pastors to send Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) materials directly to their parishioners at home. We do this efficiently… and cost-effectively…  Our Pastor Clients return to us the following year. 

Our Low-Cost Pricing is Simple

  • Up to 1000 Households = $1995 covers first mailing and reminder mailing, AND all postage
  • 1001-1800 Households = $2790 covers first mailing and reminder mailing, AND all postage
  • Additional individual letters needed/mailed are just 75¢ each, all inclusive.
  • National postage prices increased this year, but we have NOT raised your rate for 2021.
  • Your investment covers design, printing of envelopes and letters, folding, stuffing, inclusion of diocesan brochures that you provide, list processing, addressing, and postage!
  • Additional inserts are extra, for example, if you want us to print and insert reply envelopes or prayer cards.

We only need from you:

  • Your Cover Letter Text (we have samples if you need a head start)
  • Your Parish Logo
  • Color Photo of Your Pastor / Headshot (optional, but very powerful)
  • Photo or Scan of the Pastor’s Signature
  • 6 fun photos from events around your parish life
  • An Excel or CSV list of your parish household database with columns: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip. This is easily exported from parish software like PDS.
  • First time clients only, send to us your 6- or 7-digit non-profit authorization number (NPA#). Call us at (858) 877-3733 if you don’t have it handy.

Our price is ALL-inclusive and covers:

  • Design and print your external envelopes
  • Design and print your letters, full-color, double-sided, identical
  • Pick up your diocesan brochures from your office
  • Stuffing, address updating, addressing envelopes
  • Delivery to central post office
  • Postage is included!
  • Mailing a reminder packet (6-8 weeks later) to those who have not yet responded

Our reminder packet to parishioners is included, no extra charge!

  • Remove your list of addresses of households who’ve already given from the original mailing list
  • Print external envelopes, identical to the first mailing
  • Update your letter to appeal to those who have not responded
  • Print new letters, full color, double sided, identical
  • Stuffing (including a second diocesan brochure if available from the diocese)
  • Addressing
  • Delivery to central post office
  • Postage


  • Retractable ACA Signage in 3 Styles measuring 33″ x 81″ (Almost 7 Feet Tall)
  • Wall Banners in 2 Styles
  • Designed with Authentic Campaign Images to Match Campaign Brochures, Mailers, etc.
  • Our standing banners include our Deluxe Aluminum/Chrome Base and a zippered carrying case
  • Standing banners are customized with your parish name, delivered, with tax included. Order here.