Have you ever wondered where your parishioners, school parents, donors and other constituents live? Sure, you have a spreadsheet, but a visual representation can help to answer questions like:

  • Where are we doing really well?
  • Which areas are under-served?
  • Which geographically-based activities might be of interest to our people?
  • How many of our members live near OTHER similar organizations? Why do they choose US?
  • In which areas do we have more donors than others?
  • Are we volunteering / giving back enough in a particular area?

Faith in Marketing will help. We produce Constituent Maps, free of charge, for our video and website clients. Limit one free map set (micro, local, regional) per client with a maximum source list of 2000 records. Restrictions apply. See the samples below, showcasing one church in the Diocese of San Diego.

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