Replacing the graphic insert in your Faith in Marketing Retractable Banner is easy, but you will want to be patient and careful for optimal results. Work with a friend and follow these simple steps. It is best to work on a long table (preferred) or the floor.

Let’s first extend the banner and lock it in place.

  1. With the banner completely retracted / closed, remove both sides of the chrome base.
  2. While one person is holding the base, ask your friend to pull / extend the banner, laying it on the floor. Extend the banner to its maximum length.
  3. While the banner is fully extended, insert a sturdy metal pin (or allen wrench) into the hole on the side of the base. This pin stops the spring-loaded wheel from retracting.
  4. With the metal pin securely in place, your friend can let go of the banner, as it should not retract.

Now we are going to remove the metal brace from the top of the banner. This is a one-person job.

  1. Take note which way the brace faces, so you can put it back on later, facing the correct direction.
  2. Remove the cap from each end of the brace, and set the caps aside.
  3. You will notice that the brace is hinged, and clamped down on the banner.
  4. Un-clamp the brace from the banner, and set the brace aside.

Now we are going to detach the old banner from the hardware.

  1. You can attempt to peel the old banner off of the built-in insert paper. But be careful. You may need to…
  2. Use sharp scissors or a blade to carefully cut the old banner off of the built-in insert paper. Be sure you are leaving as much of the built-in paper as possible.
  3. With your old banner now fully disconnected, you can discard it.
  4. Grab your new banner and lay it out flat.
  5. Make certain that you are connecting the two materials STRAIGHT, so that it can retract properly and not get bunched up on the sides.
  6. Peel off the plastic strip from the double-sided tape already affixed to the new banner.
  7. Seal the new banner to the built-in paper.

Now we are going to put the brace onto the top of the new banner.

  1. Un-hinge / open the brace and slide your insert into the brace.
  2. Clamp down the brace, tightly, onto the new banner.
  3. Replace the caps, putting them back on to each end of the brace.

And lastly…

  1. Ask your friend to hold the top of the banner so that it does not yet retract.
  2. Remove the pin or allen wrench from the hole on the side of the base. This will allow the spring wheel to turn.
  3. Hold the base while your friend carefully allows the banner to retract into the base.
  4. Replace both sides of the base.
  5. Congratulations, you are ready to display your new Faith in Marketing Retractable Banner!