We love buttons!

Many of our website clients using WordPress will enjoy something small but mighty… the NEW Button Block!

The new button block still does what the old block did (it adds a clickable button to your post). But the new button block has an improved interface and great new features to go with it.

To add the block, go to a post or page, click the plus icon, then select the Buttons block (it will be under the Layout Elements tab).

This will add a round button to your post/page. You can enter button text directly into the button, and the button will resize to fit your text. When the button block is selected, the right sidebar will have additional button settings that you can customize, such as styles, button text color, button background color, and the border radius.

Border radius can be manipulated to make the button look more square or round. For more button options, click the Styles tab!

To add a link to the button block (so that the button actually takes the user somewhere) make sure the block is selected, then click the link icon in the block’s navigation bar. Then enter your preferred URL into the field. Click the Apply icon. You’re all set! Now just click elsewhere on the page to release the button, and continue adding text and other content to your page or post.

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This button tutorial requires that you use the Gutenberg editor and that your site is updated to WordPress 5.4.