APPS for Parishes & Schools

Save $600 this year, and every year

APPS from Faith in Marketing are FREE with your new mobile-friendly website contracted after 2/1/16! Our app can satisfy all of your parish and school mobile needs, providing your families with: 

  • Daily Readings
  • Mass Times & Confession Times
  • Social Media Link
  • Donations / Giving
  • News & Messages
  • Events & Calendar
  • Homilies / From the Pastor
  • Bulletin
  • Links to Photo Galleries & Videos
  • Custom links to ANYTHING
  • Chrome Browser opt-in Notifications

Our app works on every Apple, Android, and Windows smartphone, and absolutely no downloading / installing is required… by anybody… ever. 

Why pay an ongoing monthly fee for a separate app, that you’ll never own, when we include it for free, forever. Yes, that’s ZERO app invoices!

Check it out… Use your phone to visit / /


  • Saves you money. You’d spend $600 per year, EVERY YEAR to have an extra app that few people use. Meanwhile, thousands of people will use your Faith in Marketing APP each month.
  • Saves you time. You don’t have to update both a website and an app. You simply update your website. And that takes… like maybe…  20 seconds. And you can do it from any computer, tablet or phone.
  • No teaching necessary. You don’t need to have a staff meeting, or a webinar, or anything. You don’t have to show anybody how it works.
  • No downloading! Your people do not need to download an extra app. All they need is your web address, which they already have. And any modern phone can easily create a shortcut icon on the home screen.
  • It’s beautiful and easy to use.
  • You can update your home page background image any time you like, and it’s easy.
  • You can change your buttons, how they are ordered, what they are named, and where they click to.
  • We never, ever charge a monthly or annual fee for our app. (Some companies charge a $750 setup fee, PLUS $600 per year, and you’re on the hook with a 3- or 5-year contract!) That’s a lot of money that could be used for other areas of your parish or school, or donated to a service mission.

The downside of dedicated apps

  • Set-up fee and / or monthly fee usually required
  • Creates an additional place for staff to have to update information, and that wastes time
  • Significant time, effort and resources go into simply convincing people to install the app
  • Many people need training on simply “how” to download, how to install, and how to use dedicated apps
  • Office leadership often has no idea how many people have actually INSTALLED the app. Is it 3 people? Or is it 40? Have we hit a hundred yet? They have no clue. And the app company may never tell you how low that number really is.
  • How many people are actually USING the app after they have it? There’s often no way to tell. And your vendor may not want to tell you!
  • You’re sending app messages to a few parishioners AND you’re sending email newsletters… Annoy people enough and they will uninstall your app altogether.
  • Email can be as brief as an app’s text message, and email can be highly targeted, all linking to your website, events, homilies, daily readings, etc.
  • There’s no data available to determine how many people received your app message. Whereas emails are 100% trackable… showing you how MANY people opened it, WHO opened it, WHEN they opened it, and WHAT they clicked on.
  • Research shows that while many people install numerous apps, they really only use a handful: email, calendar, texting, camera, facebook, and sometimes a favorite game / news.

But with Faith in Marketing on your side… 

  • There’s nothing to download. It’s just there, and it works.
  • Your targeted 9 buttons expedite visitor paths
  • You can add a message to your site as simply as sending an email to a secret address… even while you’re standing with your phone in the middle of a field.
  • Your emergency message (or your well-thought-out post) will post to your site, alert your subscribers, auto-copy to your facebook page, and publish on your twitter page.
  • All notifications and posts show to your viewers AND link back to the message on your site, which is the one and only place you need to keep info updated.

Our app is 100% trackable

  • See exactly how many people visited your app, yesterday, last week, last month, and all of last year!
  • See where they came from. Was it an email campaign? From a google search? Or some other website? You’ll know the answers!
  • See what they clicked and how they used your information. See if Mass Times is more popular than Events. Or if Calendar is more popular than Daily Readings. Use this great data to your advantage!
  • And see all of this (and more) in REAL TIME… LIVE while people are using your app… all for free.

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