Collect more than your goal… FASTER, with extremely little effort on your part. Many of our Pastors report incredible collections, coming in faster than ever before, exceeding goals in weeks, not months! And we do almost all of the work for you. 


  • Now — Send 6 parish photos to us. We use these images to create a collage on the back of your letter. The photos very much personalize the campaign to your parish! Photos can include parish events, Masses, weddings, religious education, building projects, and more!
  • Now — Send a draft letter. This should be single-spaced, and about 2/3 of a page, leaving some room for the pastor’s photo, and some campaign images.
  • Your final approval on the letter design and external envelope
  • 1/24-28 — We will pick up the diocesan inserts from you. Please order enough for us to mail to your households TWO TIMES.
  • 1/24 — Confidentially send to us your parish database of active parishioners
  • 2/1-7 — We will be stuffing and addressing
  • 2/5-9 — We are mailing to homes, with a GOAL of in-home before the ACA weekend
  • 2/11-12 — ACA Weekend
  • 2/13-3/31 — You are tracking gifts received by your parish
  • 4/2 — Follow-up letters (updated letter content) will go out to households who have not yet participated
  • 5/1 — OPTIONAL/EXTRA — Final reminder to give, postcards will go out May 1 to households who have not yet participated

“We have multi-year experience creating great success by working with local Pastors to send Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) materials directly to their parishioners at home. We do this efficiently… and cost-effectively…  creating a great return. Our Pastor Clients return to us the following year. Ask us which pastor had a goal of $96,000 and collected more than $162,000. Ask us which parish beat all their goals in one MONTH, versus the YEAR it used to take them.”

We only need from you:

  • First time clients, send to us your mailing permit number and 6-digit non-profit authorization number (NPA#). Call us at (858) 877-3733 if you don’t have it handy.
  • Your Cover Letter Text (we have samples if you need a head start)
  • Your Parish Logo
  • Color Photo of Your Pastor / Headshot (optional, but very powerful)
  • Photo or Scan of the Pastor’s Signature
  • An Excel or CSV list of your parish household database with columns: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip. This is easily exported from parish software like PDS.

Our price is ALL-inclusive and covers:

  • Design and print your external envelopes
  • Design and print your letters, full color, double sided
  • Picking up your diocesan insert materials 
  • Stuffing, address updating, addressing envelopes
  • Delivery to central post office
  • Postage within Southern California
  • Mailing a reminder packet (6 weeks later) to those who have not yet responded

Our reminder packet is also included!

  • Print external envelopes, same as the first mailing
  • Update your letter to appeal to those who have not responded
  • Print new letters, full color, double sided
  • Remove your list of donors from the original or master list
  • Stuffing, addressing
  • Delivery to central post office
  • Postage within Southern California

Pricing is based on your database

  • Under 1000 Households = $1995 covers first AND second mailing AND postage
  • 1001-1800 Households = $2700 covers first AND second mailing AND postage
  • Need more? Invest just 75¢ per additional mailer (includes everything and postage)
  • Your investment covers design, printing, folding, stuffing, processing, addressing, and postage!

Brand New Clients Receive:

  • Free Parish Map showing concentrations of where your parishioners live
  • Virtual Tour of your church and property, added to Google Maps, up to five spaces photographed


  • Retractable ACA Signage
  • 33″x81″ (Almost 7 Feet Tall)
  • Printed on our Premium Polyester
  • Premium Aluminum/Chrome Base