Catholic School Uniforms

Your students and families deserve the best Catholic School Uniforms, at the best value, with the best service. And YOU deserve the best marketing benefits to grow your school.

  • We are the only all-Catholic school uniform brand in the Diocese of San Diego.
  • We offer only high-quality products, sourced from the best manufacturers.
  • Your school will receive year-long, totally free use of our Catholic Uniform Kiosk! It uses only four square feet (2 x 2) of floor space, and is equipped with everything you need to size a student in less than 1 minute! 
  • We provide each student with our “Your Size” Self-Measuring Kit! The kit includes everything you need to accurately size a student for Catholic Uniforms. You get easy-to-read instructions, and a free tape measure.
  • Our software creates “Your Size” and ensures a perfect fit with only 5 easy measurements.
  • We also offer No-Fault Returns. With pre-authorization, a return can be dropped off at the school office, and a coupon will be made available to the parent to re-order immediately! Then we ship the replacement product FAST! In fact, we ship the replacement before we’ve received the return!
  • We offer high-quality uniforms at very competitive prices, plus free shipping, and only $4.00 processing per order, regardless of the size of your order.
  • Shop from home or shop at school. There’s absolutely no reason to drive across the county to a busy retail store and wait in a line that’s packed with families from other schools!
  • Parents can schedule a quick fitting on-site, at school. No waiting lines! They love it!

    Plus, your families can take advantage of our air-conditioned 25-foot Mobile Fitting Station when we make weekly summertime visits to your school’s area.

  • We’ll build an online customized uniform store just for your school, and make it available on your school website.

Your school will receive outstanding Catholic School Marketing benefits at no extra charge.  Based on volume, you may be able to choose from:

  • Video Production for Website Videos and Social Media
  • Virtual Tour of your School on Google Maps and your website
  • Postcard and Direct Mail Campaigns to nearby Prospects
  • Website Development
  • Area-Wide, Targeted Advertising on Social Media
  • Custom School Magazines
  • Large-Format Banners and Signage
  • Business Cards and Stationery
  • Coaching Sessions

EXAMPLE BENEFIT: $200 per uniform X 200 students = $40,000 in sales. $40,000 X 10% = $4,000 Marketing Credit for YOU! (Each year!)

This school year (2018-2019) we’ve already awarded more than $10000 in total marketing credit!

We’re working with other schools in your area. Call and ask for the full list!

Let’s get started…

  • Call (858) 877-3733 and make an appointment to meet with us at YOUR office. We’ll bring gorgeous samples, too!
  • We’ll set up your Catholic Uniform Kiosk, and provide you with one Self-Measuring Kit for every student.
  • We’ll set up your uniform website so parents and teachers can shop for products branded with your logo.
  • We’ll schedule visits to your school with our Mobile Fitting Station.
  • Parents buy uniforms online, and we ship directly to them from within San Diego County.
  • You choose your Catholic School Marketing Benefits, using your 10% credit.

Uniform / Parent Service Hotline: (619) 669-1881. Principals who are interested in partnering with us, please call (858) 877-FREE.